How to Hide Yarn Ends in Double Knitting

how to hide yarn ends

Dealing with yarn ends in any knitting project is a drag, whether there are just a few from when you’ve reached the end of a skein or a whole bunch because you’re doing color work. The cool thing about double knitting, which I discovered while knitting my Floral Double Knit Cowl, is that you are creating a two-sided fabric so your loose ends don’t need to be woven-in in a hidden manner, they can just hang out free between the front and back sides of the double knit, as long as they are secured.

tie knot in yarn double knitting

To secure the ends of a yarn change while double knitting, tie the ends together (gasp! yes, tie them together) in a sturdy knot, right at the base of a knit stitch. You’re usually told not to tie yarn ends because knots are visible on the wrong side and can often be felt through the garment. The great thing about double knitting is that it is so plush, with a layer on each side and a knot in the middle, you really don’t feel the knot. Trust me, I tested several size knots in making this cowl and never felt them once I forgot where they were. Like the princess and the pea, except for realistic. I mean come on, one pea underneath a bunch of mattresses? No way. But, I digress.

trim ends of double knitting yarn

After you have tied the knot, trim the ends of the yarn so they are a couple inches long. You don’t want to trim right up next to the knot because you don’t want there to be any chance of the knot coming untied.

tuck ends between layers of fabric double knitting

Finally, use another knitting needle to poke the loose yarn ends in between the layers of your knitting. Here, the knitting is on a wooden circular needle and I’m using a clear acrylic needle to poke in the ends. And that’s it. You’re ends are secured and permanently hidden inside of the lush double sided double knitting!

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  1. Erin, my brain is melting just thinking about double-faced (double-knit) fabric. This looks lovely and maybe I’ll have to try it some day. Thanks for the post.

  2. hello my name is Julie. I am interested in trying out your free floral double knitted cowl but I was not successful with the down load.

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