Hexagon Quilt Top

American Jane Hexagon Quilt Top

I just finished the first quilt top that I’ve ever planned, cut, and pieced on my own! I love the hexagonal edges and the geometric feeling will work well in mostly mid-century modern home. When I went to the SewExpo this year, I found a quilt pattern that I loved. My mom has always been a fan of American Jane fabrics and quilts, so we went to check out their booth. I saw their Fizzy Pop quilt on display and decided I had to make it for myself.

American Jane Fizzy Pop Quilt Top

I am still learning. Some of my points are beautiful. Some of them, not so much. I ripped and sewed and ripped and sewed many of the points several times. Eventually, I decided that the quilt was a fairly good representation of where I am in my quilting abilities. Some of it comes together beautifully. Some of it leaves room for improvement.

quilt points

Of course, my mom is ecstatic that I’ve started quilting. I’m glad that she’s so happy, because it means that she’ll be willing to do the actual quilting for me! Her friend Ann even graciously offered to sew on the binding for me, but I think that’s cheating. We’ll see how I feel about her offer after I’ve started trying to get the binding to look sharp around those hexagonal edges…

hexagon quilt top