Handmade Souvenirs from Baja

When we travel, I like to come home with a souvenir or two that was handmade in the place we just visited. I brought home three things from our trip to Baja last week.

We bought a hand carved bowl made of mango wood that is grown locally in Baja. The top edge of the bowl has bits of colored stone inlaid into the top of it. I was really excited to buy it with Adam because it’s one of the few decorative things that we have in our house that he got (almost) equally excited about. Usually I make decorations (so he has to like them) or I get so excited about something that I have to have it and Adam goes along because he doesn’t mind it and he likes to make me happy. But this piece spoke to him as well!

We also bought this little hand woven basket. The woman at the boutique where we bought it said that the baskets were made by Indigenous women in the area of Todos Santos. If I look at a map, that suggests that the women are Guaycura, but I wish I would have asked a few more questions at the time so I could know more.

We also got this little clay Christmas ornament. Adam spotted it on a display outside of an art gallery and thought I would like it because I love Christmas ornaments and it’s a brightly colored cat. Pretty perfect for me, no?

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