Handmade Scarves for Christmas Presents

SeamstressErin PomPom Scarf

I’m feeling guilty. You see, every year I spend a lot of time and energy making Christmas gifts (and often at the last minute!). It’s important to me to be able to show my love for my friends and family through the gift of handmade goods. But this year, I’m not going to. I don’t plan on making one more thing. Before last week, I had already planned on being selfish this December, thinking I would sew myself a jacket instead of making many Christmas gifts. And I was already feeling guilty about it. And now I’m engaged (eep!) and so the little free time I have this month for sewing just disappeared with the fact that I need to start planning my wedding (not that I’m complaining or anything).

scrappy scarves

Fortunately, a couple of people on my list will be getting handmade scarves. I put together a couple of fun scarf tutorials for eHow and the resulting scarves will go to Christmas list giftees. The first scarf uses one skein of extra-bulky yarn to make a very unique (and on trend) pom pom scarf. The other two scrappy upcycled scarves were sewn from fabric scraps and recycled sweatshirts. They are simple, fun projects and I would probably be making a bunch more if I was actually sewing this December! Check out the tutorials if you’re still needing ideas for your Christmas gift list!

final scarves

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  1. I think it’s important to remember each year exactly what can be managed. I love to do handmade gifts, but I also have to lean to recognize when things are too stressful. I’m glad you have a few that you can give out, but I wouldn’t feel too guilty!

  2. It is hard to find the time to make something for everyone… I won’t hit that mark this year. For me, I am such a slow knitter that wouldn’t be a possibility. Thanks for the tutorials. I like your scarves. I’ll favorite it, but only to be selfish and make myself more stuff. Bad crafter.

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