Handmade Hanukkah Gifts

I made it home in time this year to celebrate the last night of Hanukkah and I was spoiled rotten by my godfamily. I got a lovely assortment of handmade gifts. My Godmother was quipping that it was like bringing coals to Newcastle, but I completely disagree. I love love love to get handmade gifts even if I could have made something similar myself because I didn’t make them, someone that I love invested their time and energy and love into making them for me. As a crafter/knitter/seamstress I can truly appreciate the time and energy and love that goes into making such things and I can be that much more grateful for them.

My godmother knit me fingerless gloves and made aprons for both me and Adam.

She picked out the fabric at a delightful new little fabric store (in Ballard, in Seattle) called Drygoods Design. I stopped by while I was in the neighborhood and really enjoyed seeing their sweet fabrics, meeting the sweet owner, and checking out their sweet studio space.

I got a lovely crocheted headband from the same awesome gal who crocheted a jellyfish for me last year. She said that she added a strand of colored yarn to each of the headbands she crochet but when she got to mine, she added all of them!

Our tea-time will be well supplemented with cardamom infused honey and blended teas.

And we got a cute little salt-clay puffin ornament to hang on our Christmas tree!

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