Grey Wool Thurlow Shorts

I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of time to sew for myself this month, even though most of my free time has been full of making Christmas gifts. I made another pair of thurlow shorts to wear for winter. This time I used some grey wool that I pulled from my stash that my mom bought forever ago (25 years?). I used the rest of it last year to recover the seats of our dining room chairs.

I’m having fun pairing these shorts with a bunch of different funky tights that I have. Here I’m wearing them with a desaturated ensemble, but they work nicely with brights too!

I flatlined these fully. I wanted to give the fabric a little extra strength (as it’s not a super-tight weave and will receive a lot of stress), to make them extra warm (ok, so they are still shorts, but it makes sense I swear), and to keep the wool from scratching my skin. I added the lining after making the pockets so it hides the pockets for a smoother inside.

I also added an extra piece of fusible interfacing to reinforce the welt pockets. I was concerned about the structural integrity of the wool at the welt. Since the shorts are lined, you don’t see the extra square of the interfacing.

And my welt pockets turned out beautifully if I do say so myself.

Unlike the last pair, where I wouldn’t show you a close-up photo, I rejoice fully in the glory of these welt pockets!

I put in a purple zipper because I seem to revel in zippers and thread that don’t match the project.

I’m pretty excited about these. I think they fit nicely in both front and back. I constructed them well, and they should be a staple in my wardrobe for this winter.

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