Green Jasper Sweater Sweatshirt

It’s about time that I sewed a Jasper. I’ve adored this pattern from afar since Lisa released it but my sewing queue is always so gigantic and I’m so easily distracted by shiny things (literally and figuratively) that even my grandest intentions often go a while before being fulfilled. Speaking of intentions, I do intend to sew this into a dress this winter too. Come on self – make it happen!

I call this a sweater sweatshirt because the I was drawn to the sweatshirt fleece for how it looked like a sweater knit (and for how it was bright green, if we’re being honest). Something about the prominence of the knit stitches and the heathered green makes it almost look like it could be a nice heavy knit. In fact, it’s a cheap sweatshirt fleece from that big box sewing store we all love to hate. I bought it a year ago thinking I would sew a maternity sweatshirt . I’m glad I didn’t get around to doing so because I really like this sweatshirt and it’s certainly going to get a lot more use than a maternity something.

I used quite a few fabrics to sew the sweatshirt. The cuffs are from a ribbing that I bought from Harts Fabric¬†and stashed¬†after Heather recommended it. I knew I’d use it eventually. The pocket welts and epaulet are scraps from my recent jogger sweatpants. I lined the pocket in a scrap of jersey that was in my scrap bin. Yet another instance of feeling smug about hoarding fabric and scraps :)

I made a few minor adjustments for my own body. I did an FBA in the princess seam. Although I didn’t need it for the sweatshirt to fit on me as there was enough style ease, there were drag lines that were going to drive me crazy. I (again) decided to sew for the body I have right now not the body I assume I will go back to someday. I can always take back in the princess seam once I’m done nursing. I did my standard change to the sleeve cap to account for my broad shoulders. I also lengthened the sleeves so that they are a bit too long because nothing makes me happier than too long sleeves!

I’m really, really happy with this sweatshirt. If you follow along with me on Instagram, expect this to appear often in my #ootd since it’s got personality and style but it’s also comfy as all get out. I think Lisa and I have an interesting overlap in style and it definitely seems like she designed this with me in mind! I have to say that this is one more way that it’s awesome to be a part of a sewing community. Lisa and I have been emailing since she had a baby not long after I did and we’ve traded commiserations and longings to get back to sewing and designing! So not only is she an awesome indie designer but a personal friend too that I never would have befriended were it not for our little sewing corner of the internet!

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  1. I have 3 of these in tunic/dress length! So warm and comfy :)

    The color blocking and colors are gorgeous!

  2. Wow! This such a winner. I love it. I lurv overlong sleeves, too. A tall girl thing, maybe, since we rarely get them in RTW? I’m off to check out the pattern!

    1. Post

      I definitely think it’s a tall girl thing :) My husband is short and can’t stand it when his sleeves are too long and I’m tall and can’t stand it when they are too short!

  3. I love it! I’m unpacking my stash soon from a move, and a Jasper is at the top of my list. Are you going to do any breastfeeding mods to the dress, or save it for when you’re done bf-ing, or not with the little one?

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      Thanks! I don’t think I’ll do breastfeeding mods. I don’t often nurse her when I’m not at my house or my mom’s house since she nurses right after waking up from naps and it’s pretty near impossible to get her to nap when we are out and about. I don’t mind hiking up a dress to nurse when I’m at home. But I do have a ridiculous number of invisible zips, so we’ll see :)

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