Grainline Archer Shirt-Dress

green rayon challis archer grainline dressAnother Monday, another Archer. I sewed this out of a heavy rayon challis in forest green that was a gift and in my stash. The fact that it looks a whole lot like the shirt on the pattern envelope was something that escaped me until writing up this blog post. I decided to add 9″ to the pattern so that it could be a dress.

long grainline archer rear bThe challis was a dream to sew with. I immediately want to go buy a bunch more, just so I have a fully stocked stash (ha! right! like I need anything more in my stash!). I sewed view B of the Archer by Grainline Studio, with the gathered lower back. This shirt-dress is so amazingly comfortable. I want to live in it!

grainline archer blouse dressThe only problem? Without a belt, I think it looks like I’m wearing a nightgown. So please, dear reader, tell me truthfully and honestly, does it look okay without a belt? Or should I really wear it belted?

button chest pocket
Other than the length, I pretty much followed the pattern (for my thoughts on the pattern, see my first Archer). I did make the pocket a bit smaller, rounded the corners, and added a button.

gold button cuffsI also moved the wrist buttons in significantly. I didn’t decide until after I had made the whole dress that I wanted the cuffs to fit snugly. You don’t really see how beautiful my placket is with the cuff overlapping itself so much, but it gives the look I wanted with the slightly-too long sleeve draping above the cuff. And, I can always move the buttons.

collar and topstitching on green challisI topstitched every seam for aesthetics and durability. I won’t bore you with close-up photos of every little bit of the shirt-dress, but I will say that it’s another “perfect” garment. Love it!
belted archer shirt dress

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