More Than “Good Enough” Nursing Bra

Apparently “good enough” isn’t good enough. I was sure that the “good enough” nursing bra that I just made was going to last me just fine until I’m done nursing. But sitting down to blog about it got the idea of making a better version stuck in my head. So I used Evie’s nap time the last couple of days not doing any of the tasks I really *should* be doing (or working on one of the other handful of WIPs I already have going) but instead sewing another bra. And I’m pretty well chuffed about it. Never mind that this set of photos look pretty dang close to the last set of photos, I swear they’re of a different and better bra!

It’s the same Kwik Sew K3594. I went down one band size and used 2 layers of power mesh for the band (instead of the 2 layers of nylon tricot I wasn’t supposed to use). I think the fit is pretty spot on this time. The mesh band is just slightly sexy (unlike the 100% tricot which kinda just read as grandma-ish to me).

I stitched a stretch lace trim around the bottom of the band which gives it almost a longline appearance though it doesn’t actually change the structure of the band. I angled the stretch lace up at the center back so that it ends at the same height as the elastic so it all would fit nicely to the hooks.

I attached the straps to a set length instead of putting them on a slider. I figured that because I’m the only person that’s going to wear the bra the straps didn’t need to adjust. And likely by the time I might wear it enough to stretch out the straps I’ll be done nursing. This let me stitch a layer of stretch lace on top of the straps for a bit of extra flair.

I also used stretch lace to attach the nursing hook. It’s stretchier than a partial cup or length of bra elastic (like I used last time) so I have to yank a little more to re-hook the bra. But it’s pretty so I’m fine with that. I think the only thing that’s off about the bra is that the nursing hooks are navy blue since I cannibalized them from a worn-out RTW nursing bra and they were the closest match from what was in my stash. I’m fine with that. There’s always going to be something we recognize as imperfect about our own creations, right?

I’m officially into sewing bras now and I look forward to experimenting a bit more with other hardware and styles (and finding other ways to use the ridiculous amounts of stretch lace trim I have in my stash), but I do think I’ll wait until post-nursing so the bras can have some more longevity (of course I’m not making any promises about the waiting part…).

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  1. Idea- black fingernail polish for your navy blue hooks. I’m continuing to be impressed with your bra making!

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      Thanks! I tried some black nail polish on a similar plastic hook and it chipped off the first time I tried to use it. But I know folks have gotten good results with nail polish and metal or nylon coated hooks, so good idea!

  2. This looks great—a very sexy nursing bra! Do the clips make a big difference? I just wore regular soft cup underwire bras when I was nursing and they seemed to tuck under well enough so I never bothered with specialty ones. I do miss the nursing boobs but not so much the constantly shifting size! ????

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      Thanks! I think the clips are convenient. They’re pretty necessary on a tight full coverage bra like this one. But I also occasionally wear a soft bralette and I can just push that out of the way without a clip.

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