“From Good to Great” Workshop at Britex SF 7/25

good to great workshop at britex

In less than two weeks I’ll be back in good ol’ San Francisco to teach a workshop at Britex. I’m pretty giddy with excitement as I always find the amazing fabrics at Britex inspirational and I’m thrilled that I can be a source of inspiration for others while there!

The workshop is about upping your sewing game. I’ll explain and show an arsenal of sewing techniques that are easily understood and completed but help elevate any garment from good to great. Learn the where, why, and how for techniques like understitching, underlining, pattern matching, and much more. This workshop is great for beginning sewists just learning techniques or intermediate sewists who want to brush up and learn new applications for what they already know. I’ll have sample garments and step-by-step muslin samples to pass around so you can see how the techniques are done and what a difference they make.

The workshop is at Britex Fabrics, Union Square, San Francisco. 10:30am-12:30pm. Saturday 7/25/15.

I’m still putting together the whole list of what I’ll show during the workshop, so I have a question for you, my dear readers.
For beginning sewists: What are you struggling with or what do you have a hard time wrapping your head around but really want to be able to do well?
For experienced sewists: what techniques, that when you mastered them, you said to yourself “dizzang, this sewing looks nice!”?

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  1. I’m reasonably experienced. For me, it was learning how to press well (hams and such) and learning about topstitching.

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  2. For me, a real lightbulb moment was changing feet – not just for zips etc but, for example, using the overcast foot to get a really close edgestitch.

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  3. Hi Erin,
    Using tailor’s tacks to mark the dots on the pattern, using anti-fray stuff in buttonholes, and using knit and straight stay tape….I’m sure I’ll think of more. Have fun!

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      Thanks for sharing those ideas! I will be sure to include them. Tailor’s tacks were at the top of my list – I was totally intimidated by them before I started using them and then I wondered why I was so scared because they are easy and helpful!

  4. This week my embarassingly obvious learning point has been to read the instructions on fusible interfacing – different sorts have different temperatures and times they need to iron on and if you use the one intended it’s more likely to actually stick and less likely to wrinkle. Doh!

    Other things I like now I know about them are cutting flat (not on the fold) to help pattern/stripe matching and squeezing more out of your fabric. Making muslins. Conquering my fear of scary sounding pattern alterations (but now I have mastered the oh so scary sounding Full Bust Adjustment there’s no looking back, yay for clothes that fit).

    I knew French seams were great but I thought you could only do them on straight seams, so I was delighted to discover that you can even do them when setting in sleeves – and immediately tried this technique out for the first time on an age 6 month blouse (which turned out to be quite fiddly, what a surprise).

    Oh and pre washing fabric.

    I will stop now as I’m not even sure they’re all relevant. Enjoy teaching.



    Storing fabric wrapped around cardboard. Gamechanger for my stash organisation.

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