Franciscan Starburst Placemats

franciscan starburst placemats with dinner

If I was to buy myself a(nother) set of vintage china, it would definitely be Franciscan Starburst (see a bunch of examples of what it looks like on Ebay). First made in 1954, it’s everything I love about mid-century modern design – space-age, bright colors, and starbursts. I actually already have a complete set of vintage china thanks to my grandmother – the Franciscan Heritage (here’s more of what it looks like) which is also mid-century, but a very traditional design – which I love to use, but which also means I’m not in the market to buy more china. However, there are other ways to bring more starbursts into my life!

franciscan starburst fabric salt and pepper shakers

Adam knows how much I like the Franciscan Starbursts so he bought me a set of salt & pepper shakers for Christmas that live on the dining room table. Since it’s not practical to buy a second set of china, I thought I would bring more of my beloved Franciscan Starbursts into our dining room through the medium of my first true love – fabric! I designed a pattern repeat based on the starbursts and printed them up on canvas using My Fabric Designs and then sewed up some space-age starburst placemats! (Here’s the link if you want some of the fabric for yourself!)

placemat set

I wanted my placemats to have a bit more structure than a single layer of the MyFabricDesigns canvas, so I backed them in another canvas I had in my stash. I thought that the pinkish-red coordinated well and would make the placemats able to do double duty as they look totally different on the other side. I happened to have some thick linen in my stash in the exact same color teal as the starburst, so I made a matching set of napkins as well. (Gigantic stash FTW!)

franciscan starburst placemats

I couldn’t remember the exact dimensions to make placemats and napkins so I googled and found a tutorial I wrote on my own blog 3 years ago. Ha! I cut the starburst canvas a tiny bit larger than the red canvas, sewed them right sides together leaving a small gap, turned them right sides out, and topstitched 1/8″ away from the edge to finish them. Having the top layer a tiny bit bigger makes the white fabric roll to the back so that no red is visible from the top side.

franciscan starburst placemats 2

I’ve already hosted one dinner party with my new placemats and look forward to more! And who knows, maybe this Christmas I’ll get a starburst platter to go along with the salt & pepper shakers and placemats ;)

Thanks to MyFabricDesigns for gifting me the fabric used to make these placemats.

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  1. Oh I love them! I have a pair of salt and pepper shakers that were my grandmother’s in this similar design – and I wish I knew where the rest of the set of dishes ended up.

    This is such a great way to bring back the pattern without a whole set of dishes. :D Thanks for sharing your design link.

    1. Post
  2. Hope you and the baby are well! Beautifully photographed tablescape, I love mid century modern!

  3. Lovely placemats and it cracks me up that you googled the dimensions and found your own tutorial.

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