Fractal Crochet Tablecloth

fractal crochet tablecloth with red roses

My first ever crochet project. It’s Fractal doily pattern by Essi Varis, available on Ravelry. Being my first project, I decided to go for a larger hook than the pattern calls for so that I would easily be able to see the stitches. So, instead of petite doily, I ended up with a tablecloth. I’m happy with it, regardless!

fractal crochet closeup double crochets

The pattern is actually pretty simple to follow and is mostly double-crochet. After a couple of rows working on the veins, I got in the swing of the pattern and didn’t have to check the instructions. The instructions are all written out, so my next crochet project will be to tackle something with a chart!

fractal crochet edge

I used a small part of a giant cone of 50% wool/ 50% silk undyed fingering yarn and used a 5mm size H hook.┬áThe pattern calls for a gauge of 10sts and 5.5 rows of dc to 1 inch. For me, the same number of stitches is 2.75″ x 3.5″ (much larger than 1″, which I knew would happen, but not square, which I didn’t know would happen). So, my design is stretched. I don’t know enough about crochet to say why my gauge is much longer than wide (any ideas, anyone?), although it could be influenced by my blocking, as I did stretch it that direction to block.

crochet tablecloth blocking

I pinned and blocked the tablecloth a bit at a time since it would all fit on my blocking mat. I steam blocked, as I almost always do. This yarn responded nicely to the steam block, locking itself into place without a struggle.

fractal crochet center

I had a hard time blocking this into a nice shape. I think one side turned out larger than the other (like I said, first crochet project), and the center has a few wonky spots, but laid out as a tablecloth with something in the center, I think it all hides pretty well.

grey cat and crochet tableclothThe only unfortunate part is that my cat seems to like to attack it, so it can’t be left out unsupervised!

modern crocheted white lace tablecloth


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    looks so very very pretty. A beautiful pattern created which i have never come across. Hearty congras to ur new creation. pls can u share the pattern details . I am from India, n i love to crochet. good luck… Rani

  2. How lucky you must feel !!! To attemp this for your first-time project. I am certainly amazed and would love to try this if I can find or ask nicely for the pattern. Xxx many thanks.

    1. Post
  3. I’m working on this now and have a question, where did you add your increases on each dc base group? My instructions say to add increases “slightly differently” but I’m on fractal attempt #5 and my end project is uneven and does not lay flat. Any tips for adding increase placement?

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      I’m sorry, it’s been so long since I knit this that I don’t remember. I’m a fairly novice crocheter and my finished project doesn’t lay flat very well either so I don’t know how to help.

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