Floral Scuba Trapeze Dress

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t go into a daily office job right now because then there would be people (other than my husband) to notice that I’m wearing this dress a lot this winter. Like, a lot a lot. It’s comfortable as all get-out, it’s warm, it’s my exact winter palette, it works great with leggings (I’m working on a leggings pattern and I’ve gotta make sure the samples are comfortable to wear!), and did I mention how comfortable it is?

I drafted the pattern myself off of my t-shirt block (all it takes is a few vertical slits from hem to bust that are spread evenly) but the Closet Case Patterns Ebony is obviously pretty similar if you don’t want to do any drafting yourself. I wanted to have a swoopy hem with some interesting shape to it, but the underside of the scuba is white and I didn’t want it so visible so I left the hem straight. I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up making more of these so if I have a fabric with a view-able reverse, expect a swoopy hem to grace it :)

Can we take a detour for a moment and ogle my hair? I decided I was done with asymmetry (for now) so this is as much length as I could keep to bring it even in the front. And then I had a dream that I had bleached blonde hair and decided to just go for it. Except I was actually patient enough to get a salon appointment to have it done instead of just bringing some bleach home from the drugstore as is my usual modus operandi. The 90’s are in right now and the all over bleach is definitely pretty 90’s, though if I’m emulating 90’s style icons I probably ended up closer to Courtney Love than Gwen Stefani. Oh well. My stylist told me that we could get it a bit blonder with future appointments but my hair just does not like to be processed since it’s so thick so there’s no hope of a real platinum. She even asked me if I had ever done genetic ancestry testing since my hair texture doesn’t match my skin tone. Ha!

I bought the fabric in February/March since it fit my Curated Closet plans. I actually bought so much of it that I was able to also make a pair of leggings and I still have some left over so I may need to make a matching outfit for my munchkin out of it as 2 garments is probably plenty for my closet. I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I chose the yardage!

Since the scuba is pretty thick I didn’t stretch the neckband as much as I would with a jersey and instead let it puff just a bit. I like the bit of dimension it adds.

This was one of the first project I sewed on my new serger/coverstitch machine and O.M.G. I can’t believe I didn’t just bite the bullet and buy it sooner (oh yeah, the cost!). But it made sewing a complete breeze and it’s fun to be able to do RTW-like finishes with ease. I’ll write a review of it soon in the hopes I can encourage others to take the plunge as well.

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