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Fall is here and with it comes long sleeve tees, flannel shirts, denim, vests, boots, and pumpkin spice all-the-things. Well, it should come with all of those things. But, at 5 months post-baby, my garment pickins are pretty slim (I’ve got plenty of boots and oh boy do I have plenty of pumpkin spice!) . Time to sew is pretty slim as well (I know I keep saying that), so I figured I’d start with the long sleeve tees as they are fastest item on the list.


I chose Deer & Doe Plantain tee to start since I’ve made it successfully a couple of times before (with distressed bindings and as a maxi dress). Sewing for my current body is an unfamiliar and moving target (I keep changing size and shape, being 5 months post-baby) but it was pretty easy to try on the shirts I already had to see what modifications I needed to make. I made a few fit changes and added a bunch of length but then ended up cutting off most of what I added since it was looking dress-length not long shirt length so I’m not actually sure how much length I did actually add.


The fabric was from Girl Charlee. In a middle-of-the-night I’m-feeling-sorry-for-myself-because-I’m-awake-with-baby-again moment I bought a bunch of it. It’s perhaps a bitter lighter and clingier than is my ideal for the moment (whenever I buy fabric online there’s always something about it that surprises me), but I couldn’t resist the giant floral. I made careful work of placing a floral motif nicely on the front and didn’t worry about pattern placement for the sleeves or back. I feel a little weird about the placement looking at these photos as the giant flowers on the bust are like “hello boobs!” but I think a big part of that is not being used to being so busty. Thoughts? (And yes, I realize that the bustier among you are laughing at me for thinking I’m busty right now, but so much of how we feel about our bodies is relative, isn’t it?)


I think this fits and flatters enough that I’ll whip out a few more. I’m never good at sewing a pattern more than once because I’m always distracted by shinier things, but I really, really need want some well fitting handmade clothes to get me through the fall and winter. Knowing that my body will continue to change back closer to its pre-baby size and shape (since I’m up a size (or three *ahem boobs*)) and not wanting to make a bunch of stuff that won’t last more than a season has kept me from diving into a bunch of the sewing I would like to do (oh yeah, and not having much sewing time, that too), but I think these shirts will last, even with further body shifts.

It’s really interesting to me to see in photographs how much my body has been changing since having my baby. From the front, I don’t think I look that different than pre-baby. From the side, you can see that I’m a lot bustier, I have a belly for the first time (I keep hearing Fabienne in Pulp Fiction in my head saying “Pot bellies are sexy”), and my butt disappeared. As I’ve talked about before, I’m pretty zen about these changes as they were necessary for the awesome task of growing a baby, though I do kind of miss having a butt!

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  1. Wow! Your shirt is really pretty and you look really good! If I saw you sans baby, I don’t think I would think you just had one.

  2. Hey! The roses look fine. Because they are offset, you are getting a frame-your-face effect, not a headlights effect. And I love the fabric; the colors are happy and as always, you look like the cool girl I would sit next to in class, only now you are the cool mama I’d talk to in the park!
    Maybe you could try doing your Erin thing with some quick embroidery or appliqué on the next tee. I could use some inspiration; my tshirt drawer is looking boooooring.

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