Floral Fumeterre Skirt

If you’ll allow me, for a moment, to pretend that time isn’t remotely linear (sidenote: if you’ve never read Einstein’s Dreams I highly recommend it for a fascinating exploration of different ways that time could be and what that would mean for humanity), then I’ll share this white cotton floral skirt that I actually sewed last fall (after sewing my clearly-meant-for-fall Afghan Nomad Dress) just as warm weather fizzled out and it wasn’t really appropriate to wear white cotton. Now that weather is warming up, I’m definitely enjoying wearing it as I adore floral prints and I adore maxi skirts. It took me several photoshoots to end up with photos that I feel “meh” about, which is better than the “ugh” that I started with. But it does leave me wondering if this skirt is better in theory than it is in practice?

It’s a fumeterre by Deer & Doe and I already knew I loved the pattern from my previous winter version. The fabric was a thrift store find and, despite the fact that it looks like vintage sheets it was in fact yardage, though print on the selvedge suggests that it’s stain resistant which makes me think it was meant for curtains :) It’s a bit lighter weight than ideal for the skirt though I did underline it halfway for the sake of opacity and heft. But it’s got a weird hand to it (probably thanks to the stain resistant coating) that makes it always look a little rumpled, even when freshly ironed.

I added piping to the waistband and pockets to give the skirt a bit of pop and then echoed the color with buttons down the front. I didn’t have enough fabric to even consider print matching, so I just made sure not to cluster similar motifs next to each other, and even that attempt isn’t perfect. I will definitely continue to wear the skirt (as I have been already), but I do wish it had ended up just a bit more “wow”.

I’m sure you’ve ended up with garments that for all intents and purposes should be total knockouts but somehow aren’t, right? I think my problem is that my expectations were too high going into the skirt so it left nothing but room for disappointment, but knowing that doesn’t make me feel any better about it!

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  1. I really love it! I have a half – finished Fumeterre and seeing yours has inspired me to get on with it! ????

  2. I think it’s beautiful, but it does seem like a lot of fabric with a highish-necked top and a cardi – I’d choose some skin, then show it! Maybe a tank with a dramatic scoop back, or taking the hemline up to midi? Or a wee crop top? It’s so beautiful and springy, it deserves to be worn.

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      Thanks for the styling suggestions. It’s definitely still getting worn and as the weather warms up I can guarantee it will be worn with endless Tropo Camisoles :) We’ll see if it gets warm enough here to go all the way to a crop top!

  3. I love it! My first thought was WOW – I want one just like it. I think the piping adds great detail.
    Maybe try it with a red or yellow top?

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      Thanks! Now that the weather is warming up a bit I’ve been wearing it with a yellow striped Tropo Camisole a lot and I think they make a good combo :)

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