Flamingos Are the New Black Shirt

flamingo print shirt

I have pretty much nothing in my closet I can wear right now. I knew that I was going to need a new wardrobe for maternity, but I gave no thought to my post-natal body. It turns out that it’s a totally different size and shape than my normal body (duh). Combine that with the need to constantly nurse my adorable parasite (making most dresses impossible) and I’m pretty desperate for some clothes. Since I have so little sewing time these days (again, thanks to my adorable parasite), I figured I’d start with some basics – simple staple pieces that I can wear with anything. And this is what I came up with. #flamingosarethenewblack

burda young 7148

I’m not so sure what to wear to fit and flatter my body right now (which I talked about in my last newsletter. Oh, you don’t subscribe to my newsletter? Fix that here!) so I opted for an oversize shirt pattern that I had in my stash – Burda Young 7148. I didn’t want to mess with fit (and I was using a woven when the pattern calls for a knit) so I just opted for the size that corresponded to my current full bust measurement.

flamingo print shirt 5

When I wore my new shirt for the first time, both Adam and my mom commented on how great I look. And I think it’s the “looking great” of happiness and self-confidence. Since there’s nothing particularly flattering about the fit or color on me (or the fact that I sewed a pattern that calls for knits out of a quilting cotton), what does come through is the fact that I feel good when I wear this. It makes me smile and it makes me feel like me, which I haven’t been able to say about most of what I’ve worn for a long time now.

flamingo print shirt 7

Even though I used a quilting cotton where I should have used a knit, I sewed the pattern pretty much as written. I did shorten the sleeves. I also changed the hem band of the shirt – opting for a wider folded band of fabric so there isn’t a visible hem on the bottom. I sewed bias tape over the seam to cover the fact the pattern doesn’t match, and I’ll add a drawstring into it when I get around to buying some more shoelaces.

flamingo print shirt 6

The only thing that I wish I would have done differently is to line the hood. I think it would look great with a black lining, although I only had solid black quilting cotton on hand and thought it would make the hood too stiff. Since I wanted to sew this from stash, and sew it quickly, I forged on.

flamingo print shirt 4

I’ll leave you with this photo with the hopes it makes you giggle like it did for me. I look like I’m trying to be a thug, which is a little hard when you’re wearing flamingos.

flamingo print shirt 2

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  1. Oh man, I remember that stage. Your body will probably never be quite the same again, but it’ll be beautiful! And less ungainly in the near future, don’t worry :)

  2. Its great! I had that feeling, too. My first post-partum sew was a tiramisu, I couldn’t stand not having any dresses to nurse in, and it gave me the idea that I had a waist :)

  3. I have had two babies and I can tell you your body will change every time you have a child. It, well at least for me, will improve. I was looking at your pictures and I think you look prettier now than before you had your baby (sorry if that sounds mean, especially since we are strangers). Congratulations and you will definitely get your sewing grove back once you find time.

  4. You are your youness. Clothes are pretty much gonna get wrecked for the next couple of years anyway, as little Evelyn decorates you with various substances.?Your flamingo hoodie makes me smile. My next big body change came when my daughter started to crawl, and following her around burned off baby weight. I dropped another size when I stopped nursing. My waist and hips settled at one size larger than pre baby. I mention this because you and I look to be similar body types, although everyone is different, of course.

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