The Fantastical Metal Beasts of Ricardo Breceda

ricardo breceda metal serpent dragon scuplture

In the desert, near a small town, nestled up next to vast tracts of a state park, there are creatures. Giant metal creatures spattered across the desert land. Some are extinct. Some are fantastical. Some are exotic. All are awe inspiring.

ricardo breceda serpent dragon head

These sculptures are the product of Ricardo Breceda. He started sculpting with a large metal dinosaur, inspired by his daughter’s dinosaur obsession after watching Jurassic Park III. He has since made an amazing collection of metal creatures ranging from everyday animals to fantastical beasts. The largest collection of his creations is on Galleta Meadows Estate in Borrego Springs, a southern California desert town next to Anza Borrego State Park.

ricardo breceda elephant metal sculpture

I had a grand time driving around Anza Borrego, pulling off the road to the left and right to chase down glimpses of these impressive sculptures.

ricardo breceda camel eye metal sculpture

Breceda’s ability to communicate life and movement in his sculptures on such a large scale is truly impressive. He successfully portrays ¬†animals fighting, stalking, and fleeing. But I found myself caught by all the little details. The camel’s eyelashes. The serpent’s scales. The elephant’s hairy tail.

ricardo breceda tapir sculptures

While there are a great number of impressive mythological beasts, I think my favorite sculptures were the more realistic and mundane. The tortoises and the tapirs.

ricardo breceda tapir scuplture

I’ve always loved tapirs :)

ricardo breceda giant scorpion and cricket sculptures anza borrego

I’d love to go back and do a photo-shoot for a clothing line or film a music video or something like that amongst these sculptures. They really are inspirational and between them and the amazing desert mountains all around, they make for a pretty stunning backdrop.

salt water sandals and cacti

I didn’t have anything to show off amidst the sculptures this time. But I did enjoy wearing my thematic Southwest Skirt, my very favorite salt water sandals, and my new green nail polish that just happens to perfectly match both the cactus and the green ink in my tattoos :)

ricardo breceda camel metal scuplture anza borrego

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  1. They are amazing sculptures aren’t they? We saw them a year ago over the winter holidays. Quite impressive!

  2. Wow, amazing sculptures & what a backdrop! The elephants are my favourites I think, though the tapir is pretty cute too. I love your skirt fabric too!

  3. OMG Erin- thank you for this post and pix! I had not ever heard of the artist or park. Now it’s on my list of “must see” places. Love your southwest skirt, BTW, ;-)

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