Fancy Fox Diaper Bag

fancy fox diaper bag

I’m not feeling all that cute these days. This pregnancy continues to be rough and it’s hard to feel like you look cute when you feel crummy. I hear that cute may be a little hard to come by after baby arrives as well as I’ll be sleep deprived and covered in baby’s body fluids. But you know what will be consistently cute? My new diaper bag!

handmade diaper bag and changing pad

I mean seriously, look at these foxes. They are so. darn. cute. And the polka dots and bright orange contrast? Yeah, it makes them even cuter. I know. All of the fabrics came from Minerva Crafts. The foxes are from the Frolicking Forest by Heather Rosas line of quilting cottons. The body fabric is their spotty cotton canvas, a midweight canvas that’s a good weight for purses and bags. The orange is their plain cotton poplin, which is exactly what it sounds like – a nice cotton poplin. The changing pad is waterproof (I know! How cool is that!) thanks to a waterproof home fabric (that doesn’t seem to be in stock at the moment, unfortunately).

handmade diaper bag

The bag pattern is from Sara Lawson’s (of Sew Sweetness) first bag book Big City Bags – It’s the Oh Spit! Diaper Bag. It’s fairly easy to follow, although I did have a few head-scratching moments when trying to follow the instructions for sewing the zipper panel to the top of the bag – it’s set below the level of the top of the bag by a small strip of fabric and, unfortunately, there are no good photos in the book showing what it should look like nor are there illustrations for those steps. Fortunately, I figured it out. I have heard nothing but raves about how detailed Sara’s self-published patterns are, so I’m guessing that this was part of the cost of fitting a bunch of patterns into a book.

big city bags oh spit diaper bag

The only downside to sewing such a bag is the amount of work and cost that goes into the interfacing – I swear I spent more time ironing interfacing to my pattern pieces than I did sewing the bag! Minerva has a full range of interfacings, although I went ahead and used what I already had in bolts in my stash. The body of the bag gets its loft by being fused to a fleece interfacing (I used Pellon fusible thermolam plus) while it gets its structure from the lining and pockets being fused to a woven interfacing (I used Pellon shape-flex). Not the funnest part of bag making, but it sure does make for a pretty, professional looking end product!

hand sewn gender neutral diaper bag

Since I’m still feeling crummy most of the time, I haven’t done much sewing for myself (I am wearing the heck out of the skirts and dress that I did sew, however) or for baby in the last many months, so I was pretty darn excited to finish this bag – a project that’s kinda for both of us. And did I mention how very cute it is? Yeah, I guess I already did. As soon as I finished sewing it, I went bounding upstairs (okay, I don’t really bound anywhere these days, but I imagined myself bounding up the stairs instead of the slow plod that’s more my speed right now) to show it off to Adam since it definitely brought a smile to my face that I wanted to share :)

oh spit diaper bag with foxes

Again, thanks to Minerva for providing the fabrics. Check out the post on their blogger network, and while you’re their take a look at the other awesome creations that other network members have made recently!

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  1. So so cute! Love the fox fabric combined with the polka dots – seriously cool. Bummer that you’re still feeling crummy. Luckily it’s temporary!

  2. Very cute, and triple points for making something so great when you feel so bad. Hope things improve for you soon.

  3. Both your bag and you are cute, well, you are beautiful. enjoy your pregnancy. You are beautiful now and you will be beautiful afterwards, maybe a little smelly but still beautiful and I am certain your husband will tell you so as well. I found that the number of men attracted to pregnant women is astounding, when I was pregnant. Enjoy every minute of it. Sleep deprivation, is, however, another thing entirely. :-)

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