Fall/Winter Sewing Plans

It’s hard for me to plan out too much of what I’m going to sew as I’m often distracted by shiny objects. And there’s always way more ideas (and fabric and patterns) than time. But I thought that perhaps this year I would assemble a short list of things I would like to sew and wear this fall/winter so that I can retain a bit of focus and flesh out some gaps, knowing that I’ll interject shiny objects in between.

High on the list is another pair of jeans. I’m finding I much prefer to wear mid to high waist pants in my post-baby body rather than the low-rise I preferred before which leaves me a grand total of 1 pair of jeans in my closet that I like. I have quite a collection of 70’s jeans patterns which all have the rise I’m looking for but these seemed like a good place to start. This dark denim is the only heavy denim I have enough yardage of in my stash so it’s what I’ll use.

I bought several yards of this gorgeous Mammoth Flannel from TheConfidentStitch last year with the intention of sewing matching flannel shirts for our family. Adam wavered on how he wanted his to fit so it didn’t happen. Now I’m thinking I might get selfish with the fabric and turn it into a dress for myself instead. I saw someone somewhere make a Grainline Farrow out of plaid flannel (or at least I think I did) so that’s an option. I’m also tempted to rub off a 70’s zip-front dress that I just found at the thrift store as it would be fun too. Either way, a sleeveless flannel dress meant for layering.

I haven’t been into animal prints for myself since I was in middle school, though I seem to be having a bit of a return-to-my-youth as I just bleached my hair the same color of blonde as in 7th grade and I want to rock this awesome leopard print. My plan is a floor length wrap dress for the ultimate in sexy 70’s leisure wear.

And continuing the theme of 70’s dresses for this winter, I found this lovely lightweight wool-ish crepe at the thrift store recently and thought it would make a simple but elegant frock. I may look like I’m drowning in a sea of blue, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will instead look likeĀ a casual homage to Hilary Swank’s 2005 Oscar dress.

This polyester border print is a bit lighter weight than is ideal for fall/winter, but the palette is so perfect that I want to make it happen. I’m picturing a full, gathered midi skirt, but don’t quite have the vision for the top yet. Happy to take suggestions!

This wool blend lace (that I picked up at the thrift store. Sensing a theme?) started its life as an ugly beige (or at least as a very-not-compatable-with-my-skintone beige) so I dyed it black. It came out this warm grey that I really like. I had thought about underlining it with a bright stable knit to sew a dress, but I don’t have any in my stash that are a good color blend, so I started brainstorming other ideas. I’m thinking I’ll sew it into an oversized sweater tunic/top.

A girlfriend recently brought me a stack of fabric that she inherited (she picked out all the pinks to give to me :) My pajama drawer is in rather a sorry state at the moment but rather than flesh it out with pajama bottoms and ratty t-shirts, I thought I’d give a nightgown a shot. I loved flannel nightgowns when I was a kid (I still remember a particular gown that was white with ditzy red flowers and had a large yoke trimmed with white lace) and thought it might be fun to give an adult version a try. I know I won’t be comfortable if it’s too frilly or child-like, but thought this vintage pattern held promise.

Speaking of “drawers in my wardrobe that are in a state of neglect,” it’s time to turn to my smalls drawer. I have an assortment of the same pair of undies (that really are my ideal pair and hopefully in 2018 they’ll become your ideal pair too, nudge nudge wink wink) but thought I should try some different styles for the fun of it. I can’t get these vintage granny panties out of my head, so they’re next on the undie-sewing list!

I had a heck of a time trying to photograph this skirt, so this speckled blob is what you’re going to get for now. Sorry. That speckled blob is a gorgeous vintage quilted velvet skirt with rhinestones and pearls from I. Magnin (a San Francisco department store) that a neighbor gave to me when I lived in SF. She had bought it many years ago and had no hope of ever fitting in the tiny waist again so she gave it to me. That tiny waist is too tiny for my waist too, but this year is going to be the year that I take out the waist and wear the skirt!

Finally, it’s totally not cheating to put two garments on my to-sew list that I’ve actually already sewn since the reason that I prioritized sewing them was that they were on my list (I just hadn’t blogged the list yet). So, this floral scuba and black stretch velvet are going to be already winter tops. I’ll blog them soon!

Do you make seasonal sewing plans? I’d love to hear what’s next on your list! And do tell if you have an opinion about which of these I should prioritize to be next!

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