Fall for Cotton Skirt

For the Fall for Cotton Sewalong I’ve sewn all four pieces from my mom’s 1976 McCalls pattern. I’m sharing them piece by piece with modern styling (how I’ll actually wear them) before the big reveal of a full-on 1976 photoshoot. This is piece 2 of 4.

mccalls 1976 5088 skirt front

1976 meet 1989 meet 1999 meet 2013. This skirt makes no sense, unless you think of timey-wimey as wibbly-wobbly, and then it’s all good. The pattern is from 1976 (McCalls 5088) the fabric is a 10th anniversary 1999 reprint of an 1989 design. And I made it up this year (2013, in case you’ve gotten confused by this point in time). Whew. Somehow, through all this muddling, I think it works. It works as a 1976 reproduction for the Fall for Cotton Sewalong. And it works with modern styling as a new regular in my wardrobe.

southwest skirt tie and pocket

I adore this fabric. I picked up a lot of it, thinking that the southwest print would be great for the 1970’s pattern and that whatever was left over, I could give to my mom for quilting because she’s going to start snowbirding in the Southwest this year and is currently sewing for her new RV to make it thematic and comfortable. (And while I was at the Sewing Summit I designed and started piecing a Southwest inspired quilt so I’ll probably use this fabric to back it so don’t actually tell my mom that I bought it for her and selfishly decided to keep it instead! But, since I bought it for her, it doesn’t count towards my own sewing expenditures, right? right??)

McCalls 1976 5088 skirt back

This pattern uses an elastic waist with a waist tie attached in back that ties in front and ends up covering the elastic. It’s set on a slight bias, which gives it the fun chevron-y shape that is so on trend right now (in 2013, in case you got confused about time again). I used the dusty red twill that will be pants and top (stay tuned!) to make the triangular pocket insets that echo the triangle inset in the camisole top. I thought about making the entire pocket or the waist tie out of the red twill also, but I was so tight on fabric that wasn’t an option. Oh well. Sometimes design decisions get made for you by your fabric, and this was one of those situations.

southwest skirt front mccalls 1976 5088

I almost did some massive redrafting of the pattern to get rid of the elastic waist since elastic waists are favored by old ladies, pregnant ladies, or beginner sewists, none of which I am (although I am definitely not saying there’s anything wrong with falling into any of those categories!). But, let me let you in on a dirty little secret, I kinda like it. The waist tie covers up the elastic and hot dang is it comfy to wear!

Fall for Cotton Southwest Skirt

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  1. Love this, Erin. I instantly thought of your quilt design and then, of course, you mentioned it :). Fabulous job! Excited to see the quilt progress, too.

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  2. I love it – the pattern, the fabric, everything! I’m from Arizona though, so I have a soft spot for those kinds of designs. Great photo location too!

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      Thanks! I thought the skirt would look fun against that building. I also thought it would be nice to have a picture of the building so I can convince Adam to let me paint our someday house that color! Or orange. I know he will vote for beige, so I have to slowly and steadily start dropping hints now even though it will probably be years before we have a house!

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