Fall for Cotton Sewalong – 1976 Style

For the Fall for Cotton Sewalong I’ve sewn all four pieces from my mom’s 1976 McCalls pattern. I shared them piece by piece (read more about the skirt, pants, camisole, or jacket). Here, I show them fully styled together!

1976 style vintage outfit

I thought that there was no way I was going to wear the individual pieces from this collection together. I thought it would be cheesy and matchy-matchy and old-lady-styled and just really not me. And oh boy was I wrong! I am completely digging the way these pieces look together and I most definitely forsee further wearing of these exact same outfits.

Fall for Cotton

My mom and her sister bought this pattern in 1976, when it was released. They both sewed pieces from it although my mom couldn’t remember what they looked like. I was hoping to replicate the pattern cover styling for my photoshoot, but I don’t own espadrilles, I don’t know how to style my hair into those cute Farah Fawcett flips, and I look awful with a kerchief on my head like that. With my fabric choice and styling I look more hippy than disco, so perhaps I wasn’t as historically accurate as one could wish. Oh well.

modeling for villager spring 1976

I was able to find a photo of my mom modelling for The Villager, a local clothing store, in Spring 1976. The cotton skirt with gathered waist and bow tied belt are similar to my skirt! I asked my mom about it and apparently her mom used to model for The Villager a lot and would emcee their fashion shows. Apparently my grandfather wouldn’t let my grandmother actually work for them, even though they tried to hire her many times, because he didn’t want it to look like he couldn’t single-handedly support the family. Times have changed, haven’t they?

fall for cotton outfit over city

This cotton outfit worked perfectly for the bit of gorgeous sunny weather that we had here in San Francisco this weekend. In fact, I was too warm when wearing the jacket in the sunshine! Thank goodness for a spot of sun before winter comes because we don’t get a summer here in SF city limits. And, as I’m sure I keep saying over and over, I dislike not getting summer sun and I dislike finally getting my sunshine when everyone else gets to start wearing wool and drinking things flavored with pumpkin spice! I love a real fall!

Fall for Cotton ensemble mccalls 5088

I did enjoy a walk up Bernal Heights to take my friend’s dogs for a walk. Although I lost my footing for a moment on the path and embarrassingly sprawled myself onto the hillside. Fortunately, nothing more than my ego was bruised and I don’t think too many people saw me :)

1976 style fall for cotton red pants and jacket

The part of the the outfit that I really thought wouldn’t work was wearing the pants and jacket together. Waaay to similar right? Wrong! (And if you think right, don’t tell me!). I thought they would be too boxy, and as I said before too matchy-matchy, but I’m totally digging the combo and actually considering making some more 70’s style matching ensembles. Which is funny, because I love 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s for my vintage wardrobe, but I generally steer clear from 70’s. But I’m now reconsidering my aversion.

vintage cotton pants and jacket

The more photos I see of myself in these pants, especially paired with the blousy top, the more I like them. They certainly shrink my torso length and exaggerate my legs, but it’s a fun effect. I usually do all I can to turn my pair shaped body into an hourglass, through my clothing selections to my *ahem* undergarments. As part of the 70’s styling, I’m not wearing a modern shaped bra but am instead shaped more naturally, if you catch my drift. Although brassier shape is something many people consider when doing 40’s-60’s outfits (bullet bras, anyone?) I don’t see much discussion of 70’s bust shape. Perhaps because the 70’s aren’t often as faithfully reproduced as decades that are more vintage?

fall for cotton outfit 1976 mccalls 5088

As I mentioned at the beginning, I wrote separate posts for each of the four pieces, showing them with modern styling. The pants have already become a staple in my wardrobe. I think I’ll wear the jacket, although I’m usually a cardigan girl and it’s a lot boxier than my usual taste (and it has no pockets!). The camisole top will definitely get worn, although probably only in very warm weather as it doesn’t layer well due to the bulky ties on the shoulders. And I’m having fun with the skirt! It wont be an everyday article since the print is pretty distinctive, but I do see myself wearing it regularly as well.

cotton skirt cami jacket

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  1. Those outfits fit you to a tee! Love the pieces, and love your styling!

    I can totally picture you with Fara Fawcett hair too. Maybe the internets could help you learn? :)

    1. Post

      Thanks Jodi! I’m a complete dunce at doing my hair, but I’m sure the internet could help, if I had the patience. When I move back up to Seattle I’m hoping that my step-sister can give me some in-person tutorials since she’s great with both hair and makeup!

  2. Those pieces look so nice combined (separate too). The cover illustration on the pattern definitely doesn’t show them to their best potential.

    1. Post

      Thanks! I actually really like the cover illustrations, but I don’t think mine turned out like them at all and I really like how mine turned out. So, it’s a win all around!

  3. Congratulations on making so many things! They all look great! I love the photos. I only made one thing – a 1940s blouse, which took way too much time. I’m jealous that you made so many things! ;)

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