Fall for Cotton Pants

For the Fall for Cotton Sewalong I’ve sewn all four pieces from my mom’s 1976 McCalls pattern. I’m sharing them piece by piece with modern styling (how I’ll actually wear them) before the big reveal of a full-on 1976 photoshoot. This is piece 4 of 4.

Simplicity 5088 1976 Pants

There is no more way for me to turn into an old lady, other than maybe a few more wrinkles. I knit. I have cats. I’m forgetful. I call everyone sweetie. I like rocking chairs and I decorate with lace doilies. And now I wear elastic waist pants. And I love them.

Elastic Waist Bow Pants

I had a really hard time getting myself to stay true to this pattern and use the elastic waistband. I thought there was no way that I would wear them if they had an elastic waist and it seemed like a total waste of fabric to make them as is. But, for the sake of authenticity, I sewed the McCAlls 5088 from 1976 pattern as is. And now I am a women obsessed. I can’t stop wearing these pants!

High Waist Wide Leg Pants Rear

In my defense, I think that the fact they are elastic waist pants is pretty hidden by the giant bow. I learned that high waist wide leg pants look really good on me when I sewed my 1940’s Khaki Trousers, but I kinda forgot (since the khaki pants have been sitting in the mending basket fooorever). These pants have again reminded me I dig this style and it digs me. I forsee more pants like these in the future! No matter what I decided to do for the waist in the future I will be making one change – pockets! No pants should be without pockets.

Bow Waisted Pants

These “modern styling” shots are kinda boring, which is a little silly since I have been wearing these every few days since I made them (and getting compliments right and left, which feels awesome!), and yet always failing to take pictures. I always wear them tucked in (pretty necessary because of the fact that the belt is tacked onto the back of the pants), but I’ve paired them with everything from a white blouse and pearls to my brown t-shirt with bleached stars.

Red Cotton Bow Waist Pants

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