Fall for Cotton Jacket Top

For the Fall for Cotton Sewalong I’ve sewn all four pieces from my mom’s 1976 McCalls pattern. I’m sharing them piece by piece with modern styling (how I’ll actually wear them) before the big reveal of a full-on 1976 photoshoot. This is piece 3 of 4.

Fall for Cotton Jacket McCalls 1976

I’m am so happy right now I’m riding on a cloud. I’ve been jumping up and down around my apartment (terrifying my cats, of course). I’m gushing happiness to anyone that will listen to me. I’m inspired and silly and giddy and excited. I feel like me again in a way that I haven’t felt in years (thank you, graduate school). Of course my emotional high was kicked off by a phenomenal time at Sewing Summit. But every day this week since I’ve been back I’ve gotten a piece of good news towards my dream of being a Seamstress (with a capital S). I don’t expect for all of the opportunities that I’m working on to come to fruition. But I’m ecstatic that I’m getting positive responses to something that I truly love, that I truly connect to, that I believe represents me, (the me that I want to be, that I am at heart, not the me that’s had such a tortuous path through graduate school).

1976 McCalls Jacket back

Anyway, enough gushing. You’re here for the sewing! This is the top/jacket to McCalls 5088, a 1976 pattern I inherited from my mom. It’s a pretty simple pattern, although it required some serious grading up from size tiny. The jacket is pretty boxy (more so than I usually wear), with the only shaping coming from a dart in the shoulder). I do think I’ll wear it. I’m such a cardigan girl by nature, but I’ve been expanding into jackets recently (like my By Hand London Victoria Blazer).

buttons and facing

The jacket uses facings along the front and neck. I’d usually rather line something than use facings, but, like the other pieces I’ve sewn for the Fall for Cotton Sewalong, I decided to stay true to the pattern. I ended up topstitching the facing down all along the jacket so that it stays in place. The buttons are from my vintage stash (no idea how old they actually are). I did add one more button than the pattern called for because it stopped unusually high and I thought buttoning all the way down would make it more functional. If I were to sew this again, I think it would be cute with patch pockets on the front. And maybe some more shaping.

Shoulder Dart and topstitching

I really, really like this cotton. It’s a medium weight, not a twill. It seems pretty sturdy at the seams, although I did need to serge the edges because it was unravelling pretty easily. I bought it to make the pants from this pattern and it was wider than expected so I managed to just barely squeeze this top out of the fabric. Seriously, I barely made it. In fact, the collar has a seam in the middle on both top and bottom (shhh, don’t tell). Not that I really need any more fabric in my stash or anything, but I’m highly tempted to go back to the fabric store and see if they have it in other colors!

McCalls 5088 1976 Jacket Top

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  1. I have to say, this is the most tantalizing reveal of sewing projects. I’m very excited to see all four of them together in all their mid-70s glory. :) The jacket looks so cool!

  2. It’s really cute! I probably wouldnt picture it that cute from the pattern pics, I always have trouble imaging vintage patterns in modern day!

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