Fabric Stash Additions

I just got a box of fabric from a colleague/mentor/friend! A couple of years ago, she spent a semester sabbatical in my lab where we got to know each other and shared many discussions about knitting, sewing, and making things. I saw her again at a conference last month. She commented that she was ready to clean out some boxes of fabric from the attic/basement and asked if I was interested. Of course I am!!!

linen fabric

The package started with these three pieces of linen. The colors look so nice together that I feel compelled to use them in the same project – a colorblock summer dress perhaps? Although each would individually make a very nice blouse.

rayon prints

Two pieces of interesting prints. The brown and blue is definitely synthetic (probably rayon?) and is the perfect weight and strength for lining purses and bags (and I love having pretty fabrics greet me when I reach into a bag). There’s a fair bit of the black and tan. I think it would be a fascinating print to decorate with, but it doesn’t match my apartment.

pastel batik

This piece has to be a sundress for my mom. It’s her color and it looks a lot like the batik quilting fabrics that she loves so much. I won’t have time to make it for her before summer’s done this year, but perhaps she’ll get a sundress for Christmas. Shhh, don’t tell.

red black boucle plaid

This is a gorgeous plaid wool with little bits of turquoise and fuchsia boucle, an intriguing combination. And black lining to go with it. It’s heavy enough to be a jacket, but the perfect design didn’t magically pop into my head, so it will sit on the shelf for a while until I think of the perfect thing to do with it. But It will definitely make it into something special!

And finally, a couple of zippers with perfectly matched thread, very useful items to have in a stash!To my friend that sent these, thanks again! Everything is much appreciated!! Do these fabrics inspire any specific ideas in any of you? Anyone have suggestions for what I should do with them?

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  1. I think that the brown/blue might be rayon. I had planned to make a flippy little skirt out of it; hence, the zipper and thread. The beige/black might also be rayon. I was not in the habit of buying polyester fabric. Glad you like them. I just acquired 2 more shipping boxes, so time to put together the next shipment!

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