Fabric Selection for Monster Wear Hat & Mittens

The MonsterWear Hat & Mittens are really my excuse to wear the fluffiest, gaudiest faux fur that I can find! But if that’s not quite your style, there are definitely other options as well. Watch the video above about choosing fabric, or keep reading below.


The recommended fabric for the body of the monster hat and mittens is faux fur. There are different qualities and thicknesses of faux fur, so bear in mind that the thicker the backing of your fur and the longer the nap, the harder it will be to work with the fur. Good faux fur is often expensive, but cheap faux fur can look really, well, cheap, so if you can, order a swatch or pick out your fur in person. You can also make the hat and mittens out of fleece which is definitely less expensive and easier to work with but still makes a beautiful monster. The more plush your fleece is, the more you will retain the fur feel of the hat.

monsterwear hat lining options

You have a lot of options for lining fabrics. For the mittens, you want to use a traditional lining fabric or something that is lightweight and not grabby, as you want your hands to be able to slip in and out of the mittens with ease. Other options include rayon challis, satin, or just about any weave of silk.

For lining the hat, you can use any fabric you would use to line the mittens and then some. Flannel is a great option because it is warm and fuzzy on the head without being bulky. I have used many different weaves of cotton or polyester. If you are confident, you can even use a knit that doesn’t have too much stretch like a ponte or scuba (shown on the left).

cording options for monster hat

For the cording on the hat, you have almost limitless options. The pattern calls for cording, which can be found with sewing notions and also often in upholstery notions and can be a variety of different weights. The only consideration I would make with cording is whether it will hold a bow – I’ve used very satiny cording before with which my bows always come untied because the cording is round and slick. Decorative trims are another great option, like the braid on the bottom right. Shoelaces are easy to use and it’s quite nice not to have to finish the end because it already has an aglet. You can also use ribbon from any width from 1/4″ to 5/8″ which gives you innumerable options!

The ear contrast and claws can also be done with just about any fabric and are a great excuse to raid your scrap bin or match them to your lining. If you pick a lightweight or drapey fabric for the claws, make sure that you interface them.

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