Evelyn’s Winter Playsuit (Ottobre 7. Marsupial Autumn 4/2017)

Last year (Evie’s first winter) we had this great quilted suit for her that we bundled her up in every time we went outside (which was at least a couple times a day for our regular walks). I wanted to repeat the idea this winter but it needed to have more mobility since she’s no longer a cute little blob that sits patiently in our arms or stroller or carrying pack (that is admittedly a bit of a revisionist history as she’s never been patient), she’s a full blown toddler, still very cute but o.m.g. all over the place.

When it started to turn to fall I started sewing a small stack of fall/winter clothes for Evie. I picked out “7. Marsupial” from Ottobre Autumn 4/2017 and went up a size since it was meant to be a sweatsuit and I knew she’d need some more ease to fit over her clothes. Well, it was comically large (this is without the ribbed cuffs!). Three months later I have finally finished the suit again, down a size from before … and it’s snug. We’ll be lucky if it lasts through the winter, although maybe that’s good because it means that she’ll get use out of the bigger one this year too?

I used a mid-weight wool from my stash (different ones for each suit, both bought at the thrift store), underlined it with a silly assortment of different flannel scraps from the scrap bin, and lined it with a poly-cotton that was gifted to me (and whose sister fabric I used for a dress and shorts while pregnant).

Evie enjoys wearing it and enjoys that she can be toasty warm and still run around (the winter coat I have for her is a bit bulky). Her preschool (one morning a week) starts outside on the playground rain or shine so it will be put to good use this winter!

When I went to put the zipper into the suit I realized that I had lined up the seam in the cuff ribbing with the center front seam not the side seam. I tried to tell myself I could ignore it, but I just couldn’t let it go so I ripped off the cuff and re-sewed it. Fortunately it’s a pretty small seam because it was sewn, overlocked, and sewn. I’m sure y’all can relate, right?

The only thing Evelyn doesn’t love about the suit is that when she is being held, the front of the zipper rides up and presses into her neck. “No no. Neck. No no.” Easily solvable by unzipping it a tiny bit when I carry her and zipping it back up for her to run around. If I make this again I’ll stop the zipper 1/2″ shorter and add a flap with a snap to close across the zip. But I’m definitely not sewing this again this winter!

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