Evelyn’s Girly Vintage Knit Dress

Adam’s grandmother Nanny Sheila (who is no longer with us) had a dear friend named Dorothy who we still make a point of visiting every time we are in Santa Barbara. Dorothy is a lovely woman who I bonded with about knitting as she was quite an avid knitter when she was younger. She has given me many patterns over the years and the last time we were there she gave me a bag of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere yarn. Dorothy was enamored with Evelyn in the way that every (great-) grandmother figure should be so I thought it fitting that I knit a special dress for Evie out of the yarn that Dorothy gifted to me.

I knit the dress a bit large so that it would last for as long as it could. I knit the largest size of the pattern which is sized for 24 months (which Evelyn has just hit) and knit it with my gauge a tiny bit large. I also added a bit of length to torso and skirt since Evelyn tends to measure tall and thin. Any larger and it wouldn’t have worked to wear this winter, so I’m pretty happy with how my totally unscientific approach to sizing turned out. (Pictured above with me in my 1970’s leopard print wrap dress).

The yarn is quite soft and Evie enjoyed wearing the dress throughout this winter, though often over shirts and leggings to make it warm enough. I think it will be wearable for much of the year here in the Seattle area.

Evelyn thinks the dress is comfy to wear, and though she gets more opinionated by the day (hello, toddlerhood!), this dress remains one she’s happy to wear so let’s hope it stays that way as long as it still fits her!

See more details on Ravelry.

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  1. A beautiful dress on a beautiful girl 😊 I’ve taken a break from the idea of becoming a knitter as I’m struggling to find time to sew but I very much admire the skill x

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