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Evelyn Rose is lucky to have a giant fan club of people who love her. She is also lucky to have so many crafty people in her life that have made her wonderful keepsakes. I’ve been awed by how many amazing blankets she has been gifted. As a fellow knitter/crocheter/quilter, I know how much time and love goes into such handmade gifts.


Evie is in the amazing position to have a quilt made for her by both two of her grandmothers. Adams mom, while she likes to make things, has never been a quilter. However, when she was pregnant, she decided she wanted to make her baby a quilt so she pieced together hexagons into a Grandmother’s flower garden pattern. Adam used the blanket as a baby. 40 years later, Adam’s mom pulled the very worn blanket out of storage and sent it to my mom. My mom cleaned it up, pieced it into the center of a blanket, added a dinosaur appliqué to cover an irreparable hole, and quilted the blanket. I’m so delighted for her to have a piece of her dad’s history and something made for her by two of her grandmothers. And I’m particularly fond of the dinosaur :)


My friend Beth was the first person to know that I was pregnant. She was visiting me when I figured it out and I couldn’t not tell her! I came downstairs with such a look of shock on my face she knew I had some big news. Beth knit Evelyn a blanket which is made even more awesome by the fact that I taught her to knit. She picked colors that she knew I would love and used an assortment of fun stitches including some brioche stitches that were knew to me, so I got to geek out over the knitting.


My mom gets together weekly with a group of women to quilt. (Her quilty ladies made us our wedding Chuppah quilt). One of the ladies (Susie) crocheted a blanket for Evie. She told me that she specifically picked the brightest baby yarns that she could find as she knew I would appreciate the colors :)


Evelyn’s Great Aunt Sue knit her a quilt with bright pinks that she knew I would like (sensing a theme here…) and a few special stitches. The leaf pattern on the outer panels is one I used in my Queen Ann’s Lace fingerless gloves pattern. The pattern in the lighter pink is a rosebud since Evelyn’s middle name is Rose.


My cousin Genni (Sue’s daughter) crocheted Evie a blanket. Genni and I weren’t all that close as kids (we lived far away from each other and both had strong personalities that sometimes clashed). Fortunately, we’ve really been able to reconnect as adults. We’re both geeks who like to make things, though she’s definitely much more skilled at crochet than I am!


The first handmade blanket that Evie was given was knit for her by an old friend of Adam’s. Adam lived in Santa Cruz a very long time ago. The wife of one of his friends from back then knit Evelyn a big snuggly blanket with a heart and XOXO pattern in it. I’m particularly touched that someone I barely know would give such a thoughtful gift.

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  1. A cute little lady you have there.
    She really distracts you from looking at the nice blankets in the background.
    It is a great collection.

  2. The blankets are all so beautiful; your mom has some fierce quilting skills, but Evelyn Rose definitely is stealing the show.

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