Evelyn Rose’s Nursery

As much as I might have had fun gathering inspirational images of the perfect nursery while I was pregnant, when it came down to it, I didn’t have the energy for much of any follow through. And since then? There’s always been something higher on the priority list. But that’s okay. Evie’s got a cute little nursery and while it may not make it into any magazines, it makes her happy, and that’s what matters.

Of course it only took me a year to finish it. Ha! You’d think it wouldn’t take so long since the room is tiny. It’s actually just the second closet in our bedroom but it’s been perfect for use as a nursery. (Evie will move downstairs to an actual bedroom at some point in the future.) In my defense, the room has been essentially done since Evie was a couple of months old. There was just tin foil taped over the triangle window staring at me every day. I finally, finally got some corrugated plastic, wrapped it in a layer of tin foil so it would be opaque and then wrapped it in a layer of canvas so it looked decent and then popped it into the window. And voila! It’s picture worthy!

There are several handmade touches in her nursery, so I though I would share it. I made the Evelyn Rose embroidery and shared its details a while back. The dinosaur print is a drawing by Gillian Newland that I saw on Epbot and simply had to buy. I had it framed like the Evelyn Rose embroidery to help tie things together.

My mom made the adorable modern Sunbonnet Sue quilt. I’ve always liked Sunbonnet Sue. My mom made the quilt several years ago and put it away for her someday first granddaughter. Lucky for me, I was the mom of that granddaughter so my Evie got the quilt! The Sunbonnet Sues are all hand appliquéd and decorated with embroidery and notions. My mom then pieced and machine quilted the quilt. If you look carefully you can see that she quilted a different scene behind each Sunbonnet Sue.

The little desk/dresser was already built in when we bought the house. I gave the ugly beige laminate fronts a few layers of grey primer and paint to spruce them up a bit. I also sewed the curtain that hides her diaper pail, hanging clothes, and other baby accoutrement. I used the same fabric and several other random fabrics to sew covers for her changing pad. They were all at least partially polyester and were gifted to me and I had no interest in making them into clothes but I couldn’t bear to part with them since they were such great florals so I’m glad I found a use for them!

I made the mobile out of little creatures that were on my baby mobile, though the plastic part of the mobile had long since broken apart. The teddy bear in the hot air balloon was also on my nursery/bedroom wall for many years. It’s fun to see Evie start to enjoy it as I remember it from my own childhood. I had fantasized about shrinking down my tattoo theme appliqué pattern collection to make a second mobile for Evie, but never quite got around to it. I still like the idea of shrinking the motifs and sewing them out of felt, so maybe I’ll do it as a bunting someday somewhere?

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  1. It’s charming! My one year old is also sleeping in what was billed as a closet. I love the special touches form your baby days, mixed in with stuff especially for her! I have to admit, that rose rug has my heart.

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      Thanks! I was so very excited to find the rose rug as it just makes the room. And I’m totally keeping it for myself if she ever decides she’s outgrown it :)

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