Electron Layette Sewalong: Hat

The first step is to select your fabric. You need to choose a knit with at least 30% stretch so that it comfortably stretches on for wear on baby’s head. For more about selecting fabric, see the post on Choosing Fabric for the Electron Layette. You don’t need any notions for this hat.

Start by cutting out your hat. You need to cut two copies of the hat and make sure that the direction of greatest stretch goes horizontally across the hat so that it stretches around baby’s head. You can cut the pattern piece twice on a single layer of fabric or once on a folded piece of fabric.

The first thing to do on any sewing pattern, after you have cut out the pattern pieces, is to transfer any markings from the pattern to the fabric. The Electron Layette hat has three markings that we need to transfer – the stitch line and two fold lines. I think that the easiest way to transfer these markings, because they are straight lines, is to lay the pattern piece on top of your cut fabric pieces, lay a ruler across the line to be marked, and then gently slide the pattern piece out of the way, making sure not to disturb the alignment of the ruler. You can also measure up from the bottom of the hat to mark your straight lines (this is especially easy with a quilting ruler). The first fold line is 2″ from the bottom, the second fold line is 1.5″ up from that (3.5″ from the bottom), and the stitch line is .5″ up from that (4″ up from the bottom).

You can then chalk a straight line using the ruler as your guide. I have a variety of quilting rulers that I like to use and highly recommend chaco liners for your chalk. For this hat, it will be easiest to follow your markings if you make them on the right side of the fabric.

After you mark both layers of fabric, place the pieces right sides together and sew the curved sides using a 3/8″ allowance. I suggest a narrow zig-zag stitch for the seam but you can use any specialty stitches that will stretch.

Trim the seam allowance at the top of the hat. This helps to get rid of bulk so that when you turn the hat right side out, the top isn’t stuffed with fabric. Notch the seam allowance in the curves. This helps reduce strain on the curve when you turn the high right side out so that it lies smoothly over the curve.

Fold the bottom of the hat up along the first fold line. The fold should reach the stitch line. Sew the hat down along the stitch line, next to the edge of the fabric. Again, you need to use a stitch that will stretch.

Turn the hat right side out and press it.

Fold the bottom of the hat up along the second fold line and press to create the cuff. This is 1/2″ down from the seam so that the seam stays hidden under the cuff.

To keep the cuff in place, sew along the seam allowance on the side of the hat through the cuff and the hat body.

Tie a knot in the top of the hat. You’re done!

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