Electron Layette Pattern Testers

As always, I have so much gratitude for the awesome ladies that help me release patterns by volunteering to be pattern testers. The batch of dedicated and talented folks who helped me with the Electron Layette are no exception! Here are most of their finished garments for your eye candy pleasure! (If you’re interested in helping me pattern test in the future, make sure to sign up here).

Carolyn sewed the whole set (aside from hems and topstitching) on her serger. She comments that the “Tips for Sewing Knits” section in the instructions would be “especially helpful for people new to sewing, or just new to sewing knits.” (As a side note, I’m seriously crushing on that floral print for myself!)

Maria (Blog & Instagram) used a stretchy knit for all of the pattern pieces for a slightly different look but it sure does look cute on her 2 year old nephew! It almost gives it a pajama vibe. I got a giggle out of her calling him an Electron Smurf :)

Amanda (Blog & Instagram) couldn’t get her munchkin to sit still for the perfect photo (I sure know how that goes!) but he sure does look cute, even if he won’t sit still. She chose the novelty pretzel print for the pants because she figured a SeamstressErin Designs pattern needed to be done in an novelty print (what can I say, she knows me well) and she died the sweatshirt fleece herself for a perfect color match. She recommends the pattern since “It was pretty fast and easy but the results are really cute. I think it would make a good baby gift or project for a new mom who wants to make some baby clothes but doesn’t have the kind of time it takes to get though an Oliver & S pattern.

Shira bypassed issues of getting a baby to hold still by just photographing the set on a fit model :) She picked different fabrics for each side of her bib for even more versatility.

Dawn, Lisa, and Millie show how great the Layette can show off a statement fabric. Dawn opted for buttons instead of snaps. She found the section in the instructions on choosing fabric very helpful. “I actually brought them to the fabric store with me so I was able to choose appropriate fabrics for all of the pieces in the layette.”
Lisa says “I’m glad that you mentioned that the cardigan wasn’t strictly a beginner project but the pieces were so perfectly drafted that the sleeves were a total non-event. Same with the facings. I actually had nightmares (really!) the night before I sewed this, about the facings, because they were so tiny but they were so easy!”
Millie’s layette was her first project sewing with knits but you’d never guess by looking at it!

Guylaine and Kellie showed how versatile the layette can be in neutrals. (Yes, in the Pacific Northwest plaid is a neutral). Guylaine (Blog & Instagram) added an applique to her bib to spice it up a bit.
Kellie (Instagram) plans to make the set again. “Each item was a satisfying sew, and the results are really finished looking and cute as heck.” She suggested adding little knee patches for “crawling” sizes – what a fun idea! She recommends this pattern to others. “This pattern is really professionally drafted and the instructions are really good. I think the step-by-step breakdown is really well done and will help beginners feel confident.”

Accacia (Blog & Instagram) made her sweatshirt out of a French terry with a jersey blend for both the hat and pants. She opted to put a layer of PUL into the bib so that it will be waterproof. She gifted the set to a pregnant cousin. Not sure about the size, she said “I subscribe to knitting guru Elizabeth Zimmerman’s belief about clothing for babies: It will fit a baby sometime.” Love the philosophy!
Orsi (Blog) plans on sewing the jacket again. “The jacket is simple and versatile, I´ll make this a few more times.” Though she won’t make the bib again as her 2 year old daughter hated wearing it. Oh well, can’t win every time!

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  1. It’s great to see these – I’ve just been cutting out the trousers in a goldenrod yellow and my persistent earworm is of course ‘Hammertime’

  2. Everyone’s layettes turned out adorable! This really is an amazingly easy pattern set that gives great results! I was honored to be a pattern tester for this pattern and since then have made another 3 sets as gifts…all different and unique. I love this pattern so much!!

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