Easiest Homemade Dog Treats

Black Poodle Snout and Dog Treat For valentines day, what about making your beloved canine a special treat? I make these treats for my mom’s dogs every Christmas and they go nuts for them. (They love them so much that I simply could not get a picture of them patiently waiting for the treats.) They are about as easy to make as possible, but healthy and delicious (well, from the dog’s point of view).

jiffy mix and chicken liverThe ingredients are 1 tub chicken liver and 1 package Jiffy corn muffin mix. That’s it. Most grocery stores will carry pre-packaged bags of chicken livers, but if yours doesn’t, ask the butcher and they’ll likely be able to set some aside for you or order some in. The package I buy is usually about 1 lb, but it doesn’t need to be exact. For the corn muffin mix, I use an 8.5 oz package of Jiffy, but you can use a different brand just as easily (or a different size, for that matter. Just add more chicken liver puree or more water to make up the difference in liquid required).

blended chicken liver

Put the chicken liver in the blender or food processor, liquid included. Blend until it’s pink and frothy. (This is the gross part.)

mix dog treat ingredients

Scrape the blended liver into a bowl (you’ll probably want to use a spatula) and mix with the package of corn muffin mix.

raw dog treats in pan

Pour them into an oiled baking pan and bake according to the directions on the side of the box. Note that these are pretty smelly while baking, but when they are done they aren’t bad.

cormeal chicken liver dog treats in tin

When the treats are done, let them cool and cut them into squares. It is VERY important to keep these treats in the refrigerator because they will get moldy quickly if you do not. Hope your doggies enjoy them!

excited dog

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