Ease Into Motherhood Week 1 Summary

The conversation about sewing, creativity, self-care, and motherhood is off to an inspiring start this month (pop over here to read what Ease Into Motherhood is about if you missed it).

I wrote about my journey back to self love after baby through sewing. I also released a new pattern that is a love letter to my mom belly.

Jodi wrote about how “bouncing back” isn’t a good goal since it takes away from the importance of the experience you’re trying to “bounce back” from.

Monseratt wrote about how motherhood has affected her friendships and showed off some cute baby clothes.

Cindy wrote about how she has made time for herself and creativity since having a child and how it was a bumpy journey to get to this point.

Rebecca wrote about how life got easier after she “eased in” to motherhood and how motherhood brought sewing into her life.

Stephanie wrote about how she fit sewing into her life after having a second child.

Neefer wrote two different posts – how motherhood has encouraged her to sew and her struggles with depression and eating disorder and how they have been affected by motherhood.

What amazed me is that I found something I could relate to in each story and something I could learn from in each story. This is why it’s so wonderful and important to share! Keep an eye on Jodi‘s and Monserratt‘s blogs for summaries of upcoming weeks. And please do chime in with your own experiences!

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