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I think it’s important to talk about things that are hard. By sharing struggles we gain strength from knowing we’re not alone, that others have the same struggles and that we can make it through them. When I was struggling in graduate school, I gathered the stories of other sewists who had made it through and found strength in sharing their struggles and successes. Now I’m at the start of a new challenge/adventure – motherhood – and I’ve joined with some sewist friends to talk about our experiences. We’ll be sharing our stories throughout the month of July and we’d love to have you join us.

Ease In to Motherhood is a sewists’ celebration of motherhood and the changes it brings to our lives. During the month of July, we invite you to share your experiences of the physical and mental changes of pregnancy, childbirth and/or any other way a child comes to your life. We invite you to share how you embrace yourself throughout motherhood, to appreciate all the physical and mental energy it takes, to accept and love the changes in your body, your mind and your life. We invite you to share how you still dedicate time to care for yourself. We invite you to share how sewing is a part of your life through the journey.

Why are we doing this?
As both new and experienced mothers, we (Monserratt, Jodi, and Erin) have found that it can be hard to make time to sew. It can be hard to make time for ourselves. It can be hard to love ourselves. It can be hard to love all the changes that being a mother brings. We know that one way to find support is in community and we are a part of an amazing community of sewists. Let’s talk about sewing as a way of loving, finding and embracing our new self as we let go the self we used to be before our last child. We want to hear stories, struggles, and successes of other mothers who sew so we can derive strength from them. We want to get our community talking so we can support each other. All mothers who sew are welcome to participate. It doesn’t matter how or when you became a mother, what you sew or how long you’ve been sewing.

How can you participate?
During the month of July: If you have a blog, write a blog post and talk about your experience as a mother and sewist. If you’re on Instagram, share your story there or just share a moment that makes you feel like you embrace yourself in this journey. We’ll put together weekly roundup posts on our three blogs (so keep an eye here, at MexicanPink and at SewFearless) so it’s easy for us all to find each other’s stories.

How to share?
If you write a blog post let us know in a comment on this post or email us at [email protected]
If you post on Instagram use the hashtag #EaseIntoMotherhood.

What should you write about?
Anything that has to do with motherhood and sewing.
Some suggested prompts:
– Describe what role sewing played in your life before you became a mom.
– How did life change when baby #1 arrived? How did life change after the first few months? (Feel free to share the good, the bad and the ugly. You might want to discuss: Your relationship with your emotional self, your physical self, your partner, and/or your friends. Work. Your feelings.)
– If you have more than one baby, how did life change when further babies came into your life?
– Did the role of sewing in your life change? How? (You might want to discuss: Did you sew for yourself? Your kids? Did the things you want to sew change?

We welcome contributions long and short. Write a novel. Snap a single photo. However you want to share is an important contribution. 

Are you a sewist of a different gender orientation? Do you use different language to describe your role as a parental figure? No matter what words you use, if a child has entered and changed your life, we’d love you to share too!


Come along, let’s share our experiences!

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  1. What if you switched out every ‘mom’ in there for the word ‘parent’? Would it somehow change the exercise? Honestly, I think excluding parents who are male or otherwise gender identified is crazy. The biggest struggles I face in my parenting life are no longer about my breasts and my vagina. Those concerns have, fortunately, faded. Now the challenges are ones all parents can relate to. The time constraints, worries and big questions. This glorification of ‘motherhood’ feels regressive and exclusive. We are parents and it doesn’t matter if we pushed out our children or not.

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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      It is not our intention to leave out anyone who has a different experience than us. In fact, we welcome everyone to share. I’ve added a bit more to the post to make this clearer.
      I’m sorry that the language we chose feels exclusionary. That is not our intent. However, it is true that I personally identify as female and I personally identify as a mother (as do my co-hosts). We have used language that describes our personal experiences since that’s what this is about for us – sharing personal experiences. It is also true that I identify as more than just “mother.” “Sewist” is a big part of my identity and, for me personally, this is about exploring my new identity of “mother” and how that has affected me as “sewist.”
      Again, we would love to hear from any sewist who has had a child enter and change their life, regardless of how that child came into their life and what words they use to describe it.

  2. What a wonderful project! As a non-parent, without plans to be a parent, I admit I’m fascinated by the changes that happen in life after kids. I hope lots of people join in this discussion!

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      Thanks Gillian! I also hope that lots of people join the discussion :) I think it’s helpful to hear people’s stories when they are like my own and fascinating to hear them when they are not. I hope others feel similarly.

  3. I love this! I’m going to give it some thought because my sewing is way different and better now than it was before I had children.

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  4. I would LOVE to share my journey, story, and experience BUT I am not a blogger or Instagram user. Is there any other way I can share my sew awesome journey?!

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      Do you have a Facebook page that is publicly viewable that you could write your story on? Or a Flickr account where you could post a photo and write a story with it? Anywhere online that you are able to post your story is a welcome contribution and we will share it (if you let us know where to find it). We recommend blogs and Instagram because they have a built-in community around them but they aren’t necessary.
      Looking forward to hearing your story!

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