Earrings and Necklaces Change Apparent Contours of Face

The latest in a series of excerpts from “A Correct Costume Enhances the Wearer: Color and Line in Dress” by Laurine Hempstead, copyright 1931 – a delightful book on dressing to complement your figure with vintage tips that hold true today.

Chapter II
Earrings and Necklaces Change Apparent Contours of Face

The lines that may be introduced into the costume by means of costume jewelry materially affect the apparent shape of the face. They should not be worn thoughtlessly, but only after careful study – before a mirror.

1930s earrings

All earrings tend to increase the apparent width of the face, leading the observer’s eye across the face from ear to ear rather than up and down. For this reason they are becoming to many women, especially those whose faces are too thin or too narrow in structure.

A few longer strands of beads, one, two, or sometimes three, arranged so that they form a series of oval lines, may increase the apparent length of the face, decrease its width, and emphasize oval contours. Many women destroy the pleasing effect of long strands by winding them too many times and too closely about the throat. On the other hand, the woman who is too thin may make both her face and her figure appear fuller if she doubles or triples a long, slender necklace.

1930s necklaces

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