Tutorial: Zippered Roll for Double Point Knitting Needles

how to sew zippered knitting needle roll

I know I’m not the only one who struggles to keep certain things organized. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to organize things, especially craft supplies – for example my bias tape collection is neatly organized by both width and color. But somehow my drawer of knitting supplies is always out of control and one of the biggest offenders is my double point needles (dpns) that always seem to fall out of my regular knitting needle case. So, I sewed an organizer that zips shut to show those dpns who’s boss!

To make the pouch, you will need 2 identical zippers, some fabric, and a length of ribbon. The exact measurements are up to you (and I’ll talk you through them below), but for reference, I used 2 – 16″ zippers, 2 pieces of fabric that were 12″ x 32″, and 2 pieces of 28″ ribbon.

sew zipper together at center

The zippers will determine how long your pouch will be. Sew the zippers together at their bottoms with their tops free. Sew them together below the zipper stops so you don’t have to worry about sewing through the zipper. I think it is preferable to use 2 zippers that meet in the middle for a few reasons – it’s hard to find very long zippers and they are usually quite expensive. Also, when you want to get a certain size needle out of your finished pouch, you are less likely to spill a bunch of other needles out when at least half of them are safely contained by an unopened zipper!

Measure the whole length of your two zippers sewn together. This is the width you will cut your fabric.

cut fabric

Cut 2 pieces of fabric the width that you measured above (mine was ~32″ wide) and ~10″ tall (the exact height is up to you. If you want to use this for straight knitting needles, remember that they are usually much longer than dpns and adjust the height accordingly). If desired, finish one long edge of each piece of fabric by serging or pinking the edge.

attach fabric to zipper

Sew the finished edge of each piece of fabric to one side of the zipper, right sides together. Don’t worry about sewing right next to the zipper as you would in a garment – the zipper should be visible in this project!

sew body of pouch


Fold the fabric right sides together and put the ribbon in between the layers of fabric so that one free end of each piece of ribbon barely sticks out from between the layers of fabric at the vertical center. (Unfortunately, in this picture, I have already serged off the bit of ribbon so you can’t see it so I drew it in instead).  Stitch along the 3 unstitched edges. Make sure you unzip one side of the zipper a little before you sew the bag shut since it will be hard to turn it right-side-out after sewing if you don’t! Finish the raw edges that you just sewed by pinking or serging, if desired.

stitch lines in pouch

Turn the pouch right side out and stitch evenly spaced lines from the bottom up to right below the zipper (but do NOT stitch into the zipper), backtacking at the top and bottom to secure the line of stitching. I stitched mine about every 2″, but you can make yours narrower or wider, as desired, to accommodate a narrower or wider fabric used or to be able to separate more or fewer distinct sizes of needles.

dpn knitting needle roll inside

A fun touch is to embroider the sizes, either by hand or with your sewing machine, at the bottom of each channel so you know exactly where to look for each size needle. You can also write on them with permanent marker or use fabric paint.

double point knitting needle holder

Roll the roll from the side without the ribbon to the side with the ribbon and loop the ribbon around a couple of times and tie it in a bow to secure. You’re done!

knitting needle holders

Here’s my finished dpn holder next to my straight needle holder (that has a free top) in my organization-in-progress knitting drawer!

double point knitting needle roll

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  1. Thank you so much; I’ve been thinking about & planning a dpn case for a few months. I did want a zippered case and your idea helps me immensely!

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