Dorothy’s Vintage Shawl

vintage knit scarfI had the pleasure of adding a satin back to gorgeous vintage shawl, knit by Dorothy, the lovely woman who recently gave me a stack of vintage knitting patterns. I’m not sure exactly when it was knit, but Dorothy is in her late 80’s and she said this was her second knitting project ever, so perhaps in the 1940’s??

slip stitch square pattern

The honeycomb pattern is actually quite a simple slip-stitch pattern. The black yarn is nubbly with a bit of stretch in it, perhaps rayon? The contrast yarn is a gold metallic.

rear of hexagon stitch

Here’s the back of the pattern. For being a second knitting project , I’m impressed with how even her stitches are. She must have been a quick learner and a patient knitter!

black satin lined shawl

Dorothy said that she had always wanted a satin back on the shawl. I picked out a heavy black satin and sewed a narrow rolled hem so that it was the same size as the shawl. Then I sewed them together, wrong sides together, with an edgestitch. The shawl edge is just stockinette so it rolled quite a bit before adding the satin but sewing them flat to each other helps to keep its shape.

wearing vintage shawl

Of course I had to play dressup for a few photos with the gorgeous shawl before sending back!

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  1. All the shawls are a piece of art by two very talented ladies. Your patience and perseverance is
    mind-blowing, Erin dear. Love, S.

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