Dip Dyed Silk Bow Neck Blouse

orange bow neck blouse refashion

I did some simple refashions on this one-time-old-lady-blouse to fun, flirty effect! The blouse was given to me by a friend of Adam’s who was helping to clean out an elderly friend’s closet and thought I would like the silk. I will admit to having been given it so long ago that I don’t remember when and can no longer find pictures of it in its fully native state. But, I can describe what I did to make it the fun piece it is today! It really didn’t take much to give this blouse a new life as part of my Bow Neck Blouse Sewalong, and it’s reminded me that I like to do refashions (which I used to do a LOT, but haven’t so much recently).

old lady silk blouse bottom

Like I said, the blouse started as very much an old lady blouse. There were shoulder pads. There were some stains on the bow and sleeve cuffs (that were way too short for me anyway). There was this elastic smocked waistband that was all stretched out. So, I started by cutting off the sleeves to 3/4 length and cutting off the waistband.

hand sewn sleeves hem

I used a machine stitched rolled hem to hem the blouse since I figured it would always be worn tucked into something. I hand stitched an invisible hem for the sleeves. I added darts in front and back, still leaving the blouse very blousey, but helping to give it a bit of shape. I also took in most of the seams at the shoulder and down the upper arm to make it fit a non-shoulder-padded body, although I must admit to not getting the reshaping perfect as, if you look closely, it pulls across my shoulders a little bit. So please, don’t look that closely.

dip dyed orange silk bow neck blouse

And, obviously, I dyed the bow of the blouse. It’s been so long since I did so, with the blouse sitting half finished in my mending pile (I’m revealing way too many shameful mending pile stories these days!) that I don’t remember what dye I used or when I even did it. Best guess would be at the same time as I dyed the yarn for my anatomical heart needlepoint, but it’s not the same color as the ones I used then, so I’m really not sure. I held the blouse in the dye pot so that just the collar and bow were getting dyed and then quickly dipped it in a little further just before pulling it out so that it had an ombre effect. I was careful not to let it drip on the rest of the blouse as I was rinsing it, but if you look carefully (which I already told you you aren’t allowed to do), you’ll find a couple drips.

silk blouse neck bow

I think this is going to be a really fun blouse to have in my wardrobe and I’m glad that I finally finished the last bit of sewing on it so I can actually wear it. I love the contrast between bow and blouse, I love the super oversized drapey bow, and I looove the fact that it’s all silk! I think it looks really fun and fall with my autumnal pencil skirt, but I think with a different skirt or trousers it could easily carry to other seasons.

fall silk orange bow neck blouse

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  1. Loving reading about your adventures and progress with these fabulous bow blouses. You are so very talented!

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      Thanks! It’s nice to hear that! I promise some quilts are coming next month (since I happen to know that’s more your area) :)

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