Dinosaur Dress

Dinosaur Print Maxi

I would like to induce you to my new favorite dress (Yes, I probably say that a lot. But in terms of how much this dress is getting worn, it is a true winner). It is an empire waist maxi dress in bright dinosaur print jersey. Yes. All of those things that I love. Empire waist. Maxi dress. Bright. Jersey. DINSOAURS!!!

Simplicity 1804

The pattern is Simplicity 1804. Quick and easy to sew. Flattering. Comfy. Nothing remarkable about the pattern but it’s great for what it is – a versatile knit dress pattern. (Oona also just blogged a pretty version of this dress if you want to see it on a different body and with fewer dinosaurs, although why you would want to see fewer dinosaurs, I don’t know.) The fabric was given to me by Minerva Crafts as part of their blogger network and the supplies are available from them as a kit.

Simplicity 1804 Dinosaur

I do believe that this fabric was concocted specifically with me in mind. You see, most of the time awesome dinosaur novelty prints are quite small because they are printed with children in mind. This print is so large that it would dwarf a child and yet it is PERFECT for a 5’10” woman with the fashion sensibilities of an overgrown 4 year old. You can even read the fact that the fabric says PTERODACTYL, STEGOSAURUS, and DIPLODOCUS. Seriously the fabric print of my dreams!

jewel tone dinosaur dress

A couple of notes on fitting – the bodice turned out to be very low cut on me, even with a stabilized neckline, so if you have more cleavage than I do, you might want to raise the front a bit. Also, if you’re tall, you will definitely need to add length for this to be a true maxi dress. I added 6″ in order to be able to have a floor length dress with a  1″ hem.

Dinosaur Print Maxi Dress

My graduate school friend Genevieve also graduated at the same time that I did and for the last month of graduate school, we had “Dinosaur Monday”, making sure to wear something dinosaur every Monday for good luck. I invite everyone to join us in this fabulous and lucky tradition and make dinosaurs a part of your weekly wardrobe :) [Bonus points to DressUpBox for being the first friend to join in!]

dinosaur print dress

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  1. That is fantastic! I love your comment about having the fashion sensibilities of an overgrown 4 year old – it’s pretty much how I feel every time I go fabric shopping. :)

    1. I so agree! As a matter of fact I just made up a dress in a similarly “Absolutely for sure designed for kids, not grown women” fabric. It’s going up on my blog tomorrow.

      Erin, I LOVE this dress! Great choices!

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  2. I actually might have to make one, this is so super amazing it oozes with awesomeness. You creative goddess you!

  3. Hurray for you! I feel pretty much the same way about my kittycat fabrics. What’s not to love?

  4. This dress is so great! I love the shape and the fabric is seriously amazing. Giant colorful dinosaurs! Who knew! Awesome

  5. I love it! So dinosaur!! I was just the other day saying that I should make something in dinosaur print. They don’t call me Laurasaurus for nothing!

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