Denim Shorts with Patch Pockets

I’ve never really been a shorts kinda gal. I’d rather rock a miniskirt. But as I get used to sewing for my post-baby crotch, shorts seemed like a good place to start. No, this isn’t the start of an overshare, but rather a discussion of the bane of many sewists existence – the dreaded crotch curve.

Pre-baby I had quite a flat stomach and a full (though low) derrière but eventually worked out a pretty good fitted pants block that accounted for my body’s unique shape. And then I had a baby. And now I have no butt and a definite curve to my belly. So it’s back to the drawing board on crotch fitting. I figured shorts would waste less fabric if it was a flop. And of course it’s been summer so shorts seem fitting (haha, that’s a pun).

I didn’t make these shorts skin tight as I was using a denim without any stretch. But I think I’ve got a pretty decent fit for a first pass. And it’s given me the boost of confidence I needed (that yes, even if my crotch is a different shape I still have the skills to fit it) to feel excited to sew some pants this winter. I’m finding that now that I have a belly my previously favored low-rise just isn’t the best rise. I’ve been wearing the heck out of my first ever pair of jeans (sewn almost exactly 5 years ago!) since they have a high waist and interestingly enough, the crotch curve fits me better now than it did when I made the jeans. I might start wearing my giant-cuff Gingers more in the winter when I can wear bulky tops over it, but I end up with a very lumpy midsection in them thanks to my new belly that is very visible with lightweight tops. So mid- or high-rise pants are on order for the next time around!

I drafted these shorts from scratch and had fun with designing the patch pockets. The front pockets are a very 70’s shape to me and remind me a lot of a mustard corduroy pair that my grandpa used to wear. The rear pockets are a tiny bit small, proportionately, but not awful. I lined the pockets with some cotton scraps from my scrap bin (which were actually left over from sewing a cat bed).

I opted to keep topstitching simple with a heavy pink thread on each seam and a few bartacks for function & style. Pink, because that’s how I roll. (Though a tiny tiny part of me wishes I would have gone for a traditional yellow since with the pink/blue combo I feel like they need to be worn with brights and I can’t take these in the red/black direction which is my other color palette.)

The one visible flaw to the shorts is the facing. I was torn about what to do with the waistband size and shape and in order to just finish the darn things I decided to put in a facing instead of the waistband. The bottom of the waistband is visible as a little bulge in the shorts which is kind of a bummer. We’ll see if I care enough next summer to redo the facing or add a waistband. But I didn’t this time around :)

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  1. Fabulous shorts! They look great on you. I’m pretty sure you could wear these with red and black too – the pink can just match your hair ????

  2. Gorgeous! I love your style. Denim shorts are so comfy, cute, and stylish. these shorts are one of most versatile summer staples that belong in every women’s wardrobe. Thanks for sharing.

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