Day-Glo Jacquard Maternity Coat

orange brocade maternity coat 4

Uninspired maternity style, meet your match. This day-glo orange jacquard coat is the only thing I have worn during this pregnancy that feels 100% me, and I’m happily wearing it every single day for these last two months of my pregnancy. Seriously, I’m finding excuses to leave the house, just so I can wear this coat!

I used Burda 7024 Maternity Jacket/Coat for the pattern with no major changes (other than major fitting changes). I did interline the bodice so it would have a bit more warmth (and if you follow me on Instagram you can see how silly the insides look as I used a bunch of random flannel scraps for the interlining!). I also fully lined the coat (as per the pattern instructions) with a polyester habotai.

Pop on over to my post on the Minerva Crafts blogger network to see more pictures and read about my amazing button and the dramatic fitting I had to do.

orange brocade maternity coat lining

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  1. You are the best, your coat is just soo much fun and the pink lining is a colorful touch. Surely no one you have met wearing your maternity coat will ever forget you and must be as anxious as I am to meet your baby.

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  2. Wow, I really love that coat on you! Fantastic job! And this is coming from someone exceptionally conservative style wise, I think it’s a great match of pattern and fabric!

  3. I love your coat! I feel like you’ve been pregnant forever and I bet you do too. Looks like very soon now though.

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