Cranberries and Coffee Beans

I like to change little bits of our decorating to reflect the season. This year I put together a simple centerpiece for our dining table with lots of differently sized candles. I filled a large vase with cranberries and floated them with water.

I love that after a few days they turn the water pink! They last for a surprisingly long time and are a simple way to make your decorations look festive. Here I have them on display on my new Christmas table cloth! I found it at an antique mall. It looks like it’s from the 1930’s (and clearly I was too excited to get it on the table to iron it. ha!).

For fall and into winter I fill lots of candle dishes with coffee beans. They make the house smell warm and comforting and toasty. I like to scatter them around the house and incorporate them into Christmas decorations.

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  1. Love the dish of coffee beans idea! I might have to do that with cloves and cardamom pods, instead of using up expensive candles at an alarming rate. I put cranberries in my holiday centerpieces, but inside a vase with a bunch of sticks from the yard. It was an awesome way to make the things in the garden that are mostly brown and sad right now look festive and alive! My water did not turn pink though….it turned brown/green slime :( Loving the blog, btw.

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