Couch Pillows and Needlepoint Intestines

There’s only so  much time and energy in a day, and doing things around the house feels like it takes FOREVER because there always seems to be a domino effect. We can’t decorate the TV room until we get a credenza for the TV but we can’t get a credenza for the TV until we have the floors redone but we can’t get the floors redone until there’s pavers down in front of the basement doors so they can get supplies in and the pavers can’t go in until… Oh my. Well, enough dominos have fallen at this point that we have new “luxury vinyl” floors (instead of really nasty carpet) in the basement and I’m saying to heck with everything else because I don’t want to begrudge how unfinished the room is every time we snuggle up for a movie in here (and, honestly, every day since I have to walk through it to get to my basement office).

So I finally decided that, while I may not be able to go whole hog on decorating right now, I can at least get some pretty pillows on the couch. And oh what a difference they make! I used my how to sew a zippered pillow case with piping tutorial and made an assortment of coordinating pillows. The large floral is a vintage barkcloth  (I used the rest of what I had to make a betty bowler bag ages ago). The stripe I bought in Thailand and was told it was a local cotton (though a quick touch with my iron showed me that there’s a hefty amount of something synthetic in it). The lace was a tablecloth that was my grandmother’s. And the intestine, well I made that.

I also just added in the lamp which was sent to me by Brightech and I think it’s a great touch. The Sphere 3 is an LED lamp with three bulbs and three brightness settings so it goes from mood lighting to bright enough to hand stitch or knit to (and let’s face it, I’m always doing one of those while on the couch). The ceilings down here are pretty low so its petite size is nice since other more statement lamps I’ve thought about look out of place. It also fits with our mid-century modern aesthetic (which you can see more clearly in other parts of our house). They have similar lamps with different numbers of bulbs if you have similar taste as me, and a ton of different styles to pick from if you don’t!

When I was in graduate school I got on a kick of doing needlework projects designed around Victorian medical illustrations (including a needlepoint heart and embroidered legs). I started this needlepoint at the same time (5 years ago) and finally decided it was time to finish up the darn thing and make use of it. The yarn is 50% wool and 50% silk and I hand dyed it. I wish I would have had a bit more intensity difference between a couple of my middle colors because it’s a little washed out, but at this point I’ll look past its flaws so I can celebrate it’s finally done!

Of course here’s a glimpse of what it really looks like most of the time around here. A toddler who has gotten into what she shouldn’t, half the pillows on the floor, cats hovering (and scratching and shedding). And no, I’m not sharing photos of any of the rest of the room because it’s a disaster! There’s a blank wall that will eventually have a piano (but is currently a mess from the way the floorboards were removed when we redid the floors) and a TV on part of an industrial shelving unit with all its attendant boxes and cables exposed to the world. But there’s progress, and that feels good.

I have a small assortment of special blankets and quilts in bright colors that I keep in a basket next to the couch so we can all be snuggled and cozy. The one here (behind the toddler who insisted on being in the photo like this) is a vintage quilt top that my mom quilted, I have a pink, orange, and green quilt (I chose the fabrics) that was one of my mom’s first quilts and matched my San Francisco apartment, a vintage purple butterfly appliqué quilt that I rescued from a thrift store and repaired, and a giant chevron crocheted blanket that a dear friend made for me as a wedding gift. There will be snuggles!

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