Conifer Skirt Sewalong

Most coniferous trees are evergreen and like an evergreen tree and its leaves, you’ll want to wear this knit skirt all year round. Views A & B have overlapping layers, like the scales of a pine cone. The Conifer Skirt is worn at the low waist and comes in maxi length [View A & C] or above the knee [View B & D] with multiple marked hemlines (20”, 23”, 37”, 40”, and 43”) to accommodate women of all heights. This skirt has a wide fold-over yoga-style waistband with a hidden elastic channel or a narrow encased elastic waistband for those who want to minimize bulk at the waistline. Skirt and layers can be hemmed or left raw. An optional hidden pocket is the perfect size for holding your cell phone or passport. Includes alternative simplified sewing instructions for beginner sewists.

Helpful Sewing Tutorials

Conifer Skirt Tutorials

Conifer Skirt Hacks: