Conifer Skirt Pattern Testers

woolbothy conifer skirt 2

Any time a new pattern is published from an indie designer, my favorite part is seeing the assortment of garments from pattern testers. It is so fun to see a collection of different women using different fabric and making different design decisions, all from the same pattern. I was fortunate to have an amazing, inspiring, creative assortment of women that tested my Conifer Skirt and I’m honored to share some of their gorgeous creations.

woolbothy conifer skirt

Woolbothy wins my unofficial award for most romantic photos. Isn’t the setting of her daily life simply gorgeous! She made and started wearing the skirts while it was still quite chilly in her part of the world (Scotland), showing that these really can be year round skirts. She made them a bit shorter than maxi – “more ankle skimmer than mud trailer” – and remarks that, at 5’3″, she’s proof that you don’t have to be tall to successfully wear a maxi skirt. (Find her on Twitter and read her Blog Post about the skirt)

laurahoj & jo p conifer skirt

Laura of A Make It Yourself Mom and Jo show what a great canvas the maxi skirt can be for printed fabrics. Laura’s daughter is modeling for her. Laura shared the tip to pin the cut edges of rolling-prone fabric together to keep them from rolling after you’ve cut the skirt pieces. Jo commented on how fast it is to whip-up the non-shingled versions making it particularly inspiring to make multiple versions of the skirt. (Find Laura on Twitter, Instagram, and at her blog.)

zebraspider Conifer Skirt

The combination of acid green and black fabric makes Zebraspider’s Conifer Skirt a great fit for her punk aesthetic. Her blog is in German and she wrote a great blog post about the skirt full of in-progress photos, although I think Google Translate gets some of the translation wrong as I don’t think she really meant to say “The federal government has only confused me, because I did not know this kind of down-folded Yoga Federation” when talking about the skirt waistband :)

orange is a neutral conifer skirt

Cheryl of Orange is a Neutral made great use of two different fabrics on the shingles. The shingles sure do show off to full effect! (Find Cheryl on Twitter, Instagram)

sylviesuzanne & enantiomerproject conifer skirt

Sylvie of The Enchanted Lilypad shows off how lovely stripes look in the shingled skirt. And she’s using her secret pocket! (Find Sylvie on Instagram or on her blog). Annie of The Enantiomer Project put in just one shingle in a different fabric. It’s not a design decision I had considered and it sure is fun! (Find Annie on Instagram or her blog).

shesgotthenotion& mywayof conifer skirt

Nicole of She’s Got the Notion and Lorena of My Way of both show how the Conifer Skirt can be quite classic in a black print. Nicole’s choice of polka-dots is always in style and Lorena’s subtle floral is quite elegant. (Find Nicole on Twitter, Instagram, or her blog)(Find Lorena on Twitter, or her blog.)

lara geach conifer skirt

Lara of Create for Life made a couple of different skirts. Side by side, you can see that even though they are the same length and have different waistbands, they really read as totally different skirts because of the fabric choice. (Find Lara at her blog)

dressing the role conifer skirt

Emily of Dressing the Role used a psychedelic print that I love. I would never have picked the fabric for the shingled skirt since I would have guessed that the print or the shingles would be obscured by the combo – but much to my happy surprise, you can see both in this great skirt. (Read her Conifer Skirt blog post or find her on on Twitter or Instagram).

piper springs & denise s

Piper of Piper Feeds the Dogs shows how understated and utilitarian the Conifer Skirt can be in a solid color, calling it “her perfect travel skirt.” The simplicity of Denise’s skirt shows off her print and makes a great wardrobe staple for business casual. (Find Piper her on her blog).

Thanks also to the women that tested the pattern and opted not be included in the roundup. You know who you are :)

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  1. Smashing round-up! REALLY showcases the versatility of this pattern – understated elegance to burner on teh playa and everywhere in between.

    The line of the midi length is calling to me – slim but with room to move.

  2. Wow, lovely skirts! Thanks for including mine even though I was not brave enough to be shown wearing them! I stand by my opinion that it is the most comfy skirt I’ve ever worn, and as this post shows it looks awesome in any fabric. I love this skirt! :)

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