Confessions of a Stressed Out Blogger

March stressed me out. I was so excited about taking part in a bunch of fun activities in the online sewing community – Block of the Month quilt, Sew for Victory, Mad Men Challenge (post coming tomorrow!), Stashbusting Sewalong. For the first two weeks of the month it was exciting. I had all these ideas and plans and things to work on. And then I was out of town for a week. And then I was sick for the last week of the month. Too sick to sew.
Any time I got a bit of energy I dragged myself to the sewing machine because I wanted to finish the projects I had planned. All the planning and sewing was for naught if I couldn’t get it done to post by the deadline, right? I got my Sew for Victory post up hours before the (extended) deadline. I didn’t finish the ¬†Stashbusting top that I really wanted, but I had sewed something else already that worked. I didn’t realize the Mad Men Challenge didn’t end at the end of the month, so I got everything done and started writing the post at 10pm , 3/31/13, while sick and exhausted. And it wasn’t fun.

In the rush to meet deadlines, I lost track of why I do this in the first place. Why I’m part of an online community, why I take part in challenges and sewalongs – because it’s fun. It’s creative. And it makes me happy. I don’t really know what do do differently in the future, since it all would have been fine had I not gotten sick. I guess I need to work on letting it go if I don’t meet my goals. But that’s something I’ve never been very good at…

So, for the month of April I have one goal – start sewing a jacket. If I get a stashbusting piece done, that’s great. If I get my block-of-the-month done, that’s great. If I get inspired and jump into another community based project, that’s great too. But the only thing I’m going to hold myself to is to start working on a tailored, green velvet jacket.
wool and velvet stash

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  1. I am feeling the same way! I have definitely stretched myself a bit thin over the past couple months, and it’s hard to not jump in and participate in everything!

  2. This is why I stopped participating in sewalongs. The pressure of enforced deadlines tends to turn a hobby into ‘work’. Not fun. It also means I sew the things I want to sew rather than conforming to _along/challenge ‘requirements’ XD If something comes up that aligns with my plans I’ll probably join, but not otherwise.

  3. oh well, it’s really easy to get caught up in this whirlwind! I’m not too fond of deadlines (have enough of that at work), but I like sewalongs because often they push me to try something else: different techniques, different styles…
    I’m planning to make a jacket this year too, so I’ll be stalking your place to see your progression!

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