Comfy Embroidered Skirt in Stitch Magazine Winter 2015

comfy embroidered skirt in stitch magazine winter 2015

In Stitch Magazine Winter 2015 you’ll find an embroidered skirt pattern by yours truly. The pattern is simple instructions for a dirndl skirt with a narrow waistband and center back zip with a deep embroidered hem and a pattern for embroidering the hem.


Working with Stitch magazine was quite fun and quite different than the experience I’ve had working with other magazines. The original pitch that I sent to Stitch was a wool pencil skirt with an embroidered hem. The embroidery was inspired by a Burmese fabric that I bought in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Over several back-and-forths with the editor, the final project became a full dirndl skirt made out of sweatshirt fleece. While there are often changes from a pitch to final project, usually I’m the one suggesting the changes as I work out kinks and details over the course of drafting and sewing a pattern. For this skirt, most of the changes were driven by the editor and it was a fun process bouncing ideas back and forth with another person to create an end product that fit both of our visions.

embroidered skirt hem and facing

Being a combination of both of our visions, the skirt ended up pretty non-traditional in that I used a ton of hand work and couture techniques on sweatshirt fleece, a fabric I don’t typically think of being worthy of so much time and energy. The whole hem is hand embroidered using silk organza as a stabilizer and then faced with cotton to prevent any of the embroidery back from showing or receiving wear.

embroidry close up around ric rac

I used jumbo ric-rac as the center of the embroidery which I thought was a pretty inspired idea :) It certainly made it easy to keep the pattern even and saved time as I didn’t need to embroider the center! Because we did so much back and forth, I ended up on a pretty tight time crunch to get the skirt done and did almost all of the embroidery over the course of a single weekend. My hands were killing me by the end (and in fact that was when my massage therapist friend recommended I start using a paraffin bath for my hands which I rave about to anyone that will listen) so I strongly recommend with large embroidery projects that you take your time so you can enjoy the process!

Stitch magazine Winter 2015

I have to say that I’m quite sad that Stitch magazine announced that this is their last issue since I had hoped to work with them again. But it’s a lovely issue worth checking out (as is their backstock!).

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