Closet ReOrganization

reorganized shoes and purses

I have a small closet in my bedroom. And I have to share it with my boyfriend. This has been a point of contention between us since we moved in together, 1 1/2 years ago. We’re both only-children, so sharing space isn’t a strong point for either of us. He thinks that he should get half the closet since it’s half his home. I think he should just get rid of the clothes he doesn’t wear and then there would be plenty of space for me to take over the closet. We had to agree to disagree for the sake of our relationship.

shoes and purses organized on bookshelf

To overcome this limited-closet-space issue, I finally bought a wood bookcase off of craigslist to put in our bedroom. I moved most of my shoes and purses onto the bookshelf which relieved just enough space in the closet that I could make things nicely organized instead of crammed together.

sock monkey and pink vintage train case

To make the bookshelf look pretty and blend in with the room, I decorated the top shelf with my mom’s baby blanket, my sock monkey family and my vintage pink Samsonite train case. I think this tips the shelves to the category of pretty-display-shelves instead of excess-clutter-shelves.

organized closetThis left enough space in the closet that I could fit my boots and heels above my clothing and racks of baskets holding scarves, slippers, belts, bike clothes, and socks below my clothes. So much easier to find things without all of my purses falling on my head when I try to get down a scarf to wear!

What do you think? Does the bookshelf look okay in my bedroom?


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  1. I have always had bookshelves in my bedroom, so I’m a bit biased when I say yes! It looks perfect, especially if it’s helping to organize your life :)

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