Chocolate Brown Hair

sweet brown hair
It’s no secret that I can’t go very long without doing something to my hair. Since I’ve been growing it out, it has felt decidedly boring and it became time to do something again. So, I went dark for the first time ever. I love it!

Chocolate Brown Hair Back

My mom’s family is all petite and blonde. My dad’s family is all strongly built black Irish. I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle (that’s genetics for ya). I’ve done blonde many times before but never such dark brown. I instantly look a lot more like a Currie.

Brown Hair Yellow Sweater small

I’m having a grand time playing dressup with my new hair. I think it makes bright colors really pop and dark colors very dramatic. I was worried that it would make me look pasty, but I think I settle into a nice alabaster instead.

Flirtatious brown hair

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