Chevrons and Colorblock and Derp Skirt

chevrons and colorblock and derp skirt

This skirt represents one series of sewing disasters after another. Amazingly enough, I really like how it turned out in the end, but with the series of misadventures that got me here, I never would have thought that would be the case. Hold onto your seat, because what follows is an emotional rollercoaster of sewing mishaps!

I started this skirt by taking my waist and hip measurements, dividing each by 8, connecting a line from waist to hip and following it through to ankle. So I ended up with 8 triangular panels to sew together to form an A-line skirt. I wanted to make the skirt a series of chevrons, so I chalked out 8 triangles on a 45 degree angle across my striped fabric. I got it all chalked and ready to cut, when I realized that I had forgotten to pre-wash the fabric. So, I tossed it into the washing machine and washed off all the chalk (mistake 1!).

I laid out the freshly washed fabric and cut out the 8 panels. Only when I reached 7, I ran out of fabric. I have no idea how or why. Maybe I originally only chalked 7 panels? Maybe the fabric shrank a yard in the wash? (mistake 2!!)

way too large waistband

To make up for the missing width, I decided to turn the sides into colorblock panels with the stripes down the middle and a solid purple on either side. So then I sewed the triangles together and tried it on. And found that the hips fit fine, but the waist was gigantic and only needed 7 panels to fit all the way around. I must have pressed the wrong button on the calculator when designing the pattern? (mistake 3!!!)

unwanted side dart

I tried the simple fix of taking in a dart on both sides, but just couldn’t abide by the mismatched stripes when the point of the skirt was the lovely matching chevrons (mistake 4!!!!). So I ripped out the seams on the side panels. And then realized that I didn’t need to rip the seam, I needed to take it in, so I re-sewed the same seams that I just ripped with a larger seam allowance (mistake 5!!!!!).

Then, as I was serging the inside seams to have nice finished edges, I managed to cut into the skirt itself with the serger (mistake 6!!!!!!). I “fixed” the cut by fusing a patch of the fabric to the back using fusible seam tape and putting fray-check on the front so it wouldn’t unravel.

offset waistband and invisible zipper

I put in a simple straight waistband and an invisible zipper. The zipper is slightly forward of the true side seam. It was supposed to be slightly back, but I had to switch front and back to put the cut in the back of the skirt.

chevroned fabric seam

At least my chevrons on front and back turned out well! Both of the fabrics came from my stash. Both were gifts from friends cleaning out their storage. The stripes were from a recent acquisition, and the purple from a different friend about a year ago. So many thanks to both of them!

purple and tan striped skirt

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